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2016-2017 Staff

Chandler Patrick


Chandler Patrick is a junior and in her third year of journalism, working her way to the top as Editor-in-Chief. Since she started, she’s been devoted to covering sports and making them as high of quality as she can. After all, sports reporting is what got her foot in the door freshman year in 2014. She also specializes in entertainment writing, copy editing, and managing the finance parts of the newspa...

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Jake Grosvenor

Opinions Editor

Jake is a junior at Palo Verde and is in his second year of journalism as the Opinion Editor. After being inspired by his ninth grade english teacher to take the class, he found immediate joy in writing his opinions for others to read and being able to express his feelings on certain subjects. Jake is also one of the bowlers for Palo’s bowling team. He hopes to continue into college and major in biolo...

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Laura Park

Senior Photographer

Laura Park is a junior in her first year as an official member of Panther Print. Laura primarily specializes in freelance portrait and fashion photography, but has extended her photography skill-set to include sports and events to accommodate the needs of the Panther Print. Outside of school, she volunteers at Miracle Flights as an administrative assistant and at various animal adoption centers as a ph...

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Sedona Goodbar

Features Editor

Sedona Goodbar is a third-year contributor for Panther Print. Goodbar is a senior here at Palo Verde and loves being involved with the school. Sedona is the features editor, and has a passion to write about our school. She loves to dance and she is on a dance team outside of school. Goodbar also enjoys to read and write in her free time, her favorite novel is “Looking for Alaska.” Sedona has a few...

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Hope Freeland

Senior Editor

Hope is in her second year of journalism at Palo Verde High School. This year she is a senior editor for the journalism team. After taking journalism foundations, she realized that she really enjoys writing, and found journalism a great place to learn and stay up to date about what is going on in the world. Outside of school, she enjoys playing piano and hanging out with friends. ...

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Hailey Rodis

Co-Entertainment Editor

Hailey Rodis is currently a sophomore at Palo Verde High School. She is entering her second year of journalism at Palo Verde High School. In her free time, Rodis enjoys reading and hanging out with both her friends and her cats. Her favorite books include popular YA series, such as “The Hunger Games” and “The Mortal Instruments.” Her favorite movie is the adaptation of “The Hunger Games: Catchin...

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Makayla Purvis

Co-Entertainment Editor

Makayla Purvis is a senior in her second year of journalism. She enjoys journalism because she likes to express herself and her opinions through writing. Her favorite hobbies are watching Netflix, reading, singing and hanging out with family and friends. Purvis’s favorite tv shows are “One Tree Hill”, “Gossip Girl”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Lost” and many more. Her favorite books are se...

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Vanessa Abbitt

Senior Editor

Vanessa is a sophomore at Palo Verde High School.  This will be her second year of journalism and she is currently a senior editor.  As a freshman taking journalism last year, she realized that she wouldn’t mind pursuing this.  She is quite versatile as a writer.  Her life is basically school and soccer central.  She has been playing soccer since 6th grade and can never imagine quitting....

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Taylor Kirby

Senior Reporter

Taylor is a junior and in her first year of Journalism, questioning why she didn't join sooner. With a love for websites like Buzzfeed and a passion for literature, Taylor dreams of majoring in journalism after high school, whether that means reporting current world events in third world countries or simply reviewing movies for a blog, Taylor doesn't care as long as she’s writing! She loves to r...

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Sonia Agrebi


Sonia is the upcoming photographer for PV Panther Print. She is a freshman in her first year of journalism and started the class to help improve her writing skills. She is a first degree black belt in martial arts but has previously been in soccer, dance and gymnastics. She hopes to become a meteorologist once she graduates from UCSD. Her favorite Netflix series is Grey's Anatomy, and she loved it so mu...

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Cole Greenberg

Senior Reporter

Sophomore Cole Greenberg is currently in his first year of Journalism at Palo Verde. After seeing the 2016 Oscar winner for Best Picture, Spotlight, Cole decided to take Journalism. Along with writing, he loves film, baseball, music and playing saxophone.

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Jared Feldman

Sports Reporter

Junior Jared Feldman is currently in his first year of Journalism at Palo Verde. He is excited to be a part of the Panther Print staff with a main focus on sports. Along with writing he loves playing basketball and watching NBA games.

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Kaylee Jurena


Kaylee Jurena is a sophomore in her first year of journalism. Kaylee's focus is photography right now but hopes to make an impact on Panther Print with her writing. She still hasn't decided what she wants to do career wise, but she hopes journalism will help her figure that out. Outside of school, she likes to write, draw and watch Netflix. She enjoys Grey's Anatomy and has even thought about becoming ...

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Alanis Mims


Alanis Mims is a sophomore in her first year of Journalism. She has lived in Las Vegas all 15 years of her life. Her favorite thing to do when she isn't working or training at taekwondo is reading sappy love story books and listening to her favorite music like G-Eazy and Twenty One Pilots. Alanis's love for writing started the Summer of 2015, when she got the idea of starting a journal. After she...

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Brisa Muscaglione

Senior Reporter

Brisa Muscaglione is a freshman in her first year of journalism. Right from the start, she always knew she loved the art of writing. Writing has become an outlet for her creativity, and she hopes during these next years of journalism she'll find what truly makes her happy.

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Andrew Ochoa


Andrew is a sophomore at Palo and is in his first year of journalism. He works as a reporter for Panther Print's Features section. His passion for hearing his friends particular, offbeat stories led to his affection for journalistic writing. His interests, which are often displayed in his writing, include film, theatre, politics, and internet culture. Andrew aspires to develop his writing talents as...

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Brittany Blanco


Brittany Blanco is a freshman at Palo Verde High School and is in her first year of journalism. Journalism is her favorite class because it lets her express herself through her own writing. Outside of school, Brittany likes to play the guitar and ukulele. She also likes to do tahitian and hula dancing. Brittany doesn’t know what college she wants to go to, but she sure knows that she wants to ma...

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Erica Jane


Ecstatic to join the 2016-2017 Journalism Team, Erica Jane is a student at Palo Verde. Her hobbies range from going through countless runs on her instrument, kickboxing and Krav Maga, to winding down while spending countless hours on Netflix. She enjoys spending time with the school band, listening to varieties of music, drawing, writing and being a dog connoisseur. She hopes to be a storyboard artist...

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Eli Duncan


Eli is a sophomore at Palo Verde and is in his first year of journalism. Being inspired by the likes of Steven Crowder, Gavin McInnes, and Milo Yiannopoulos, he wanted to start writing opinions. He loves tackling articles that most people won't get into and voice the opinions that people don't like to hear. He hopes to get a career in political journalism or into politics in general. In his spare time,...

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Kaitlyn Suwanvichit


Kaitlyn Suwanvichit is a freshman in her first year of journalism. She enjoys reporting on things that impact the world. In Kaitlyn's free time she's in Key Club, likes to draw, sing, and dance. Once her time as being a panther is over, Kaitlyn hopes to attend the University of Washington majoring in psychology.

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Amanda Wiseman


Amanda is a junior and this is her first year in journalism. She enjoys the class because it helps her writing skills and she is able to get more involved with the school. She runs cross country and track, and plans on running throughout the rest of high school and in college. She plans on attending college and majoring in sports med/physical therapy. She also loves to hang out with her friends and...

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Alexandra Timpa


Alexandra Timpa is a freshman at Palo Verde High School and is in her first year of journalism. Her favorite subject in school is English and she loves to write, so she thought that journalism would be the perfect fit for her. She plays for the women’s freshman soccer team at Palo Verde. Outside of school, she plays soccer for a club team, called Arsenal. Her other hobbies include dancing and pho...

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Emma Dooher


Emma Dooher is a Freshman at Palo Verde High School and is in her first year of journalism. She enjoys writing and expressing her opinions so she thought journalism would be a great class. She plays volleyball in and outside of school. She also really loves her dog Roscoe.

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Audrey Purciful


Audrey Purciful is a freshmen in high school, in her first year of journalism. Once she became fanatic about books at nine years old, after reading the Harry Potter series, she immediately became obsessed with books and writing in general. She has always been the youngest in her class, although people frequently mistake her for being an upperclassman, after starting public school when she was twel...

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Joseph David

Senior Reporter

Joseph David is currently participating in his first year of journalism as a sophomore. He enjoys voicing his ideas and commentating on world events while also delivering the truth behind them. His interests include an array of topics, including soccer, cars, travel, technology, and books. His top three college picks are Stanford, UC San Diego and PITT. He aspires to be involved in some type of pub...

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