Do You Change With Your Clothes?


McKenna Topps

Gabrielle Topacio, junior at Palo Verde High School wears two different outfits.

by McKenna Topps, Entertainment Co-Editor

Can one change with their clothes? The ability to do so is actually a lot easier than one may think. Sure someone’s values and background can not change with a single outfit, but inward opinion and the way one holds oneself does.

“I think your attitude changes because when you are in formal wear you feel more confident in yourself then to when you are wearing sweats and a t shirt,”said junior Julia Nguyen.

In future professions we are guided to wear pieces of clothing that help showcase confidence because when one wears clothing that isn’t formal, those that are loose and soft, the type of clothing represents a more laid back feel, not properly suited for the workplace.  We strike confidence when we obtain positive reactions to how we look, self acceptance in “looking good”, over the idea of having a lazy day in which one does not putting effort into an outfit leading to negative to no reaction of the subject.

Some days one may not care what other people think, that it doesn’t matter to look “ugly’ for a few days out of the month, but those days that one forgets about themselves  are then some of the hardest to get back from. The reason this is stated is because at sometime everyone has self confidence issues, and to wear things that one loves to wear is a way of improving that, to take time for oneself.

“Clothes influences how I feel in ways that it affects my mood. For example, if I decide to wear all black, I’ll feel grunge and ready to kick butt. Mixing clothes up and sticking with it for the rest of the day, no matter what other people think, affects your confidence; because confidence is shown by defending your choices and slaying…I think that’s why I love dressing up so much. You can truly express yourself. I also like to look good and feel good,” said junior Gabrielle Topacio.

The clothing that we wear represents a piece of us, those days that we wear nothing but whatever someone else wears we lose ourselves and become a copy. To present oneself in a way that one wishes is a way to make an impression even before you speak a word. So when making impressions it’s better to make it one’s own way, with one’s own style rather than being uncomfortable and choosing someone else’s.  

An upcoming event that is an extreme point of changing with clothes would be Halloween. A certain time we dress as someone else, we become someone that we once never thought we would be. Sometimes we become our characters the princesses act as if they were  of dazzling royalty and the pirates as if they were to travel the seven seas in search of a beautiful adventure.  We pick what we want to be with only a set amount of fabrics, one can be transformed into people of the unimaginable, all one has to do is pick from them.

Can one look to clothing as not only changing an outfit but also changing how one can see things, how one looks to people, how one look to oneself. This isn’t meant to be something of others to just observed per say it is meant to be a way of self discovery, it is meant to be a way to find oneself in the middle of a crowd and feel wonderful. Can someone not look at this through eyes of judgement but through eyes of wonder?

To change can be both permanent or temporary, it can be a day to a lifetime, and outfits are as simple as that. Some dress to oneself , or to one’s peers, and  some go with the grain in order to catch the latest trends, a variety of choice is out there  and not simply for those that are “fashion oriented” that looks for the next big thing.

“Let’s say if you see someone in  dark clothing you picture them as sad but it you see someone in light clothing you see them as positive…Another scenario would be that if you surround yourself with people who dress a certain way you begin to dress like them,”said junior Hannah Beach.

Sometimes clothing can express the emotions within a person, though it  influences not only the viewers, the others around you but also unconsciously oneself.