Why hardback books are better


Annaka Cieri

Palo Verde juniors read Fahrenheit 451in two very different ways.

by Sumner Serrano, Editor

Since the invention of handheld devices, old school ways have been dying out. Hand writing letters, calling people to talk and most importantly, hardback books.

Bookstores have been going out of business for years because books can be accessed on phones and tablets and computers. People find it easier to just download a book instead of having to go out and buy one, not to mention it’s cheaper too. Why get a couple big bulky books when you can get seven on one device? Most people nowadays don’t see a point in even making hardback books anymore.

Yet for some,┬áthe smell of books, the feel of the paper, physically seeing the words written can’t be replaced, no matter how revolutionary. It’s such a small object, yet it creates so much joy for so many.

“A screen is never going to be as authentic as paper,” says sophomore Matthew Larkin.

Reading physical copies of books is not only more authentic, but its also better for you physically. Studies show that the light from the devices can harm your eyes. Staring at a screen for so long can cause eye strain and discomfort.

“I get to carry multiple books in a phone which i always have with me,” says sophomore Valarie Lopez

Though nothing can replace the feel of a physical copy of a book, there are some upsides to reading eBooks. They’re cheaper then actual books, are simple to download and are easily accessible.

In the future, bookstores will most likely die out and will be replaced by technology. While there’s still time though, savor books. Go to the Barnes and Noble or Goodwill or the library and buy a book and just sit and read it. Enjoy the feel of the paper as you turn the page. Make notes in it and highlight all your favorite quotes. Then put it somewhere safe and save it for a rainy day. Lend it to your friend or brother or neighbor. Share the wonder that is a hardback book.