Great Scott! Vegas celebrates “Back To The Future” day


Courtesy of: Amblin Entertainment

This is a screenshot from the movie featuring the famous time machine and the even more famous date.

by Annaka Cieri, Editor-in-Chief

Fans of “Back To The Future” have been waiting since the 80s to celebrate Oct. 21st 2015, the day Marty McFly and Doc went to the future, and now that it’s here the celebration begins.

Although these fans are celebrating the future, you wouldn’t tell by the 80s attire of big hair and jean jackets, not to mention the fluorescent colors that hit the scene at the Plaza, which was the model for the movie’s “Biff Tannesn’s Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel.”

It was the perfect place to hold a tribute, having not only an 80’s costume contest, which made you double take at some fan’s renditions of Marty’s costume, which in some cases had light up Nikes.

The scene was also covered head to toe in replicas of cars from the movie including, Doc’s truck, the Libyan’s bus, and not to mention the Delorean of course, three to be exact.

M3 Trio, also made an appearance performing an abundant of 80’s covers, (seriously you will be so done with bands like Wham! after the amount of times their songs were once again over played.)

“Back To The Future” day was a blast from the past, but it sure was fun to see a part of Vegas transform.