iPhone vs. Android


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An IPhone next to an Android.

by Tayler Jones, Feature Editor

The debate has gone on forever: which is better, iPhone or Android? This question has haunted society since the beginning of touchscreens. In some ways, the two phones are surprisingly different, yet in other ways are surprisingly similar.

They both can download most of the same apps as well as use a selfie camera. However, they are more different than similar. iPhone has Siri, who has now grown to be more “sassy” since she was first programmed. iPhone also doesn’t have the eight gigs lost from undeletable apps and have a few more downloadable apps than the Android. The Android ,however, doesn’t go so thin that it can bend, can respond better to being dropped on its screen and the newest one has a camera with an extremely higher resolution.

IPhones started back with the 3G version and now is at the 6 plus.The first iPhone, the 3G, was released in 2007, but has been discontinued for newer, fancier versions. A year later, the iPhone 4S came out into stores, but yet again what seemed like a fancy new  touchscreen was discontinued for a different, newer version. While the 4S was out, the 5C came out. The 5C, however, was discontinued last month. The same time the 5C left stores was the same time the 5s left. Now, the iPhone 6s and 6 plus is out. They came out almost a month ago, and now Apple is working on an iPhone 7.

“My favorite thing about the iPhone is how they added new stuff recently, like the 3D touch. It’s better than an android because an iPhone isn’t a work phone necessarily. It’s used for just fun,” says junior Michelle Ponder.

The Android -unlike the iPhone- evolved to being a touchscreen. The very first one was back in 2006 called the Android HTC, but 2 years later the touch screen Androids were introduced into stores. The very first touch screen was referred to as the “Android 6.0”. . It was never discontinued for newer versions like the iPhone was. Every Samsung released are still in stores to this day. So, both types of touchscreens have been at this war since the very beginning.

The programs used today have evolved in remarkable ways. There were times when people weren’t able to call someone from just the push of a button or watch TV on a device you could hold in your hand. No one saw that it could  evolve to the point where you are able to  have a portable, handheld computer system.

Although Androids have been around longer and do have more versions out in their history, iPhones are better.Unlike the Android, iPhones are less likely to lose gigs from undeletable apps, are more resistant to viruses and have more features than the Android.

“I like the iPhone because it’s easier to use and there are more apps to use than the android. And there are many places that accept the iPhone more than android,” says freshman Cindy Ballestros.