Why do people hate astrology so much?


Courtesy of: Moon Flowers

A zodiac chart with all the animals and symbols corresponding to each sign.

by Annaka Cieri, Editor-in-Chief

As a person who finds an interest in astrology and in people, one question I seem to ask a lot is: “Oh, what’s your sign?”only to hear mixed responses of either groans or an excited “Taurus, my birthday is May 14th, and you?” With this process continuing with everyone I meet I can’t help but wonder: why the stigma? Why there is such controversy? Why do people hate astrology?

Understanding that, yes,  people can hate being asked the same question over and over, such as “Hey what’s your sign?” but do they not understand that it is the best ice-breaker ever? Not only does it give a person a clue to when your birthday is but it also gives someone an incite on your personality.

Before going much further, (I can already hear the groans of “Well I’m different, I am not like my star sign,”) let me explain how the zodiac signs work and how they came to be.

In ancient Greece, astrology was used as a way to guide travelers or others in informing them of the month. Consider the first clock, which was just a balancing wheel essentially, and wasn’t even thought of until the late 14th century. This became valuable and necessary. The astrology they used was based on the zodiac, which in simple I-only-passed-eighth-grade-space-science terms, is the way clusters of stars, or constellations, move across the sky during an estimate time period of 30 days, while the Earth revolves around the sun.

The constellations became known as “zodiac signs” and they include the 12 signs like, Leo, Pisces, Aquarius, etc. These zodiac signs, while come from an unknown origin, are “connected dots”or stars, if you will, making shapes and characters easy to identify in the night sky. For example a Leo constellations is in the shape of a lion, and during a certain month in the year the Leo constellation is prominent in the sky, letting travelers know that it is August, for that is when the Leo sign is prominent. As years went on and more humans were born under these newly found zodiacs, they became an attachment to the child’s birth.

Now, this is usually the part where people begin to moan claiming that they “act nothing like a Leo,” so they don’t like zodiac signs, which to me is the equivalence of saying “I don’t understand my sign so I don’t like zodiac signs.”

Well, as we know from that eighth grade science class you passed, every four years we have a leap year, and because of this time is never exactly 24 hours. This causes a time shift during certain times of the night so different zodiac’s are shifted, making others more prominent. This shift in zodiac’s will give the person something called a rising sign. This rising sign is figured out on your time and place of birth, and can be different from your typical zodiac sign. It is the exact sign you were born under, despite maybe you being born the region of another sign. Not convinced? Well that’s probably because you also don’t know your moon sign, which is given to you based on what shape the moon was when you were born. This could potentially give you a total of three signs your personality is made up of.

If you also wanted to get really deep into your signs you should also look up your Chinese zodiac, which is the year in which you were born.

Despite all this. people that still like to make the argument that the stars don’t have an effect over your life and your destiny,and you are right. They don’t. That is fate, but you were most diffidently born under that star sign and it is how you take that sign and express your emotion, through nature, nurture and talents that decide your destiny.

Also, don’t continue to tell me that you don’t believe in them because that’s fine, I don’t believe in most religions but it is not my job or place to announce that. If you are solely against zodiac’s because you don’t like the fact that you have some defining character traits that can help people around you better understand you and cater to you in social situations then I don’t know what to tell you. You can take all the personality quizzes you want, but more people are going to know what an “Aries” person is compared to you saying you are “INTJ”, just saying.