5 useful concert tips


Annaka Cieri

Local band “Brumby” plays a show at the Charleston airplane hanger.

by Annaka Cieri, Editor-In-Chief

1.Know the Set List

You want to be well rehearsed by the time your concert comes around with he songs they are going to play.  Not only is it more fun to sing along live, but you don’t seem like a wanna be fan. Pre-order their albums or research what songs they have played at other venues.

2.Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Their Merch

This is your one chance to nerd out, why not wear their merchandise? Lots of people may opt for a more fashionable concert outfit but nothing will really get the band to notice you more than you supporting them, also a band shirt makes for great autograph material.

3. Fanny Packs Aren’t Entirely Useless

Although there is some controversial talk about wither or not fanny packs are cool, there should be no debate about them being useless.  They are small enough to where people wont usually check them or make you leave them outside (like security might do for purses or backpacks) and it is right in front of you, so you can keep an eye on it and not have to worry about the people behind you taking things out of your bag.

4. Timing is Important

Not all of us are blessed with being incredibly short, so we may not be readily pushed to the front row, but no one can say anything if you are the first there. I know seeing a bunch of people camped out a venue can be odd, but the experience of front row is worth it.

5. Seriously Invest In A Portable Charger

Most of the time, an actually camera is not allowed at concerts but 100% of the time phones are and luckily these phones usually come with a built in camera. These prove incredibly useful at concerts when you want to make a memory last, but a dead battery can ruin this, investing in a portable charger will save your phone and allow you to keep taking pictures.

Some Beginner Tips To Take Note Of

  1. Don’t wear anything you can not jump or dance in, you don’t want to have to worry about ripped or popping open a tight skirt, nor do you want to fear getting embarrassing sweat stains on a white tee shirt.
  2. Don’t have your phone out recording the entire time, having your phone out is actually kinda rude. It’s understandable if they start to play your favorite song, but for much more and you begin to ruin the experience through a little screen.
  3. DON’T YELL AT THE PERFORMERS. I understand if they ask the crowd a question and you want to be heard, or singing loudly along with them, but interrupting breaks with obscene screaming is awkward and degrades the performers, remember they are people.
  4. Don’t push through the crowd. Usually at concerts the crowd is tightly packed and everyone wants to see, if an opening appears say excuse me and walk through to it, and if you can’t see behind a person kindly let them know, so they can let you through.
  5. Don’t try and get past security guards, or throw things on stage, (flowers and letters are okay of course) but other things probably aren’t and they can either kick you out or make the performers uncomfortable.