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Zayn Malik: Pillow Talk review

Album cover property of and RCA Records

Album cover property of and RCA Records

by McKenna Topps, Co-Entertainment Editor

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Title: Mind of Mine

Record Label: RCA Records Label

Release Date: March 25, 2016

Rating: 6.5/10

Zayn Malik, originally from the loved boy band One Direction has finally come out with his first solo album, titled Mind of Mine. Malik has had lots of eyes turned toward him just because he has gone in this new solo direction, and he truly did change from the pop, happy-go-lucky sound when with the group.

Released from the album was his single “Pillow Talk.”  When given finally given to the public, fans went crazy: not just because the song was good, but because of the reappearance of their beloved teen heartthrob. But it was realized early on that fans had to choose if they would continue to see Malik as a departed One Direction member or simply another upcoming single artist.

The simple sound change seen in “Pillow Talk” sets the overall theme of what Mind of Mine is mainly like. This album is another level of maturity from the teeny bopper music One Direction had. Though it will be listened by the same audience, it’s distinctly different.

The main line up of songs talked about sexual relationships. This being the case, his songs are not gritty to the point of uncomfortableness, as most songs in this day and age about sex are, it has more of that easy going type of explanation and sound, where one does not have to shy away from it.

When first looking at this album, it’s safe to say that one may think “What man is in right mind would ever name songs this way?” If one has ever seen the movie or read the book Paper Towns by John Green, they would appreciate the Margo-like way of doing things, yet because that story has has no direct correlation to this album it is found to be more annoying than delightful.

Certain songs in this album had no true back bone to it: neither good nor bad. “dRuNk,” “TiO” and  “tRuTh” all were plain . The song “dRunk” consisting of  clean cut lyrics and basic notes turned into an afterthought as the rest of the album continued. “tRuTh” was similar in this fact as well as being very repetitive. Then an acronym for take it off, “TIO”  was yet another sexual song. The lyrics, “you’re a freak like me” is very clear to that.  Nothing was able to grab the listener in order to have a real opinion of it, so these songs were on the fence.

The album’s worst songs included the “MiNd Of MiNdd” (Intro) that consisted of a drunken experience when listening, “BeForUr,” “INTERMISSION flower” and “lUcOzAde”. Each had their own distinct grievances, but it’s safe to say that none of them were the best songs ever.

“INTERMISSION flower” was sung in Urdu, it’s short, and was the perfect time to leave and get a snack because you knew you wouldn’t be missing anything big. It sounded the same throughout the entire minute and a half, but it’s to be expected since it is an intermission.

“BeForUr” was presented with a pleasing drumlike background at first, then added to it was an annoying hornlike sounding instrumental that made  it difficult to listen to the lyrics. It was like annoyingly trying to slap a bug away from your face and missing it each time. The added oddity in the background changes the entire mood of the song, and it would have been much prefered if it was just left out entirely.  The lyrics that could be listened to seemed to talk about conformity, then going into how now he is doing the same thing, yet with a different way doing it,  and not caring what anyone thinks. Then he  repeats how much he doesn’t care…again.

“lUcOzAde” is as confusing as trying to figure out what this title is. There is so many disconnected lyrics that are unclear it sounded like he was drunk the entire time he sang this song. Having an array of lyrics are good when they work, but this is not the case. One would have to search up the lyrics in order to even get a clue to what he is trying say. As stated in this song, “losing touch” is right.

Though this album may have a pretty long list of bad things, Malik does have some gold songs in this album. They were fun to listen to, and all have a nice ring to them. Lyrics seem to be a strong suit with Malik’s music at times, and this will be his golden ticket into the top charts once again.

The notes hit in “iT’s YoU”  define the spectrum of notes Malik can conquer. This song is about how when one finds oneself with a cheater they don’t believe it at first. Its an interesting way done by that he refers to the said cheater as “you” and it isn’t very much a song about spite but one about realization.

The lyrics in both “sHe” and “rEaR vieW”,  are specific and to not be overlooked.   “sHe” is a wonderful, spellbinding song and has already hit the Top 50 charts. There is no doubt that it will gain more height, with the lyrics  “she wants somebody to love to hold her.”  

“wRoNg ft. Kehlani” was the most defined explicit song in Malik’s entire album, and it was only partially explicit at the beginning, in just a line.  Then from this point it goes into the fact that the relationship explained is only physical and love isn’t to be found there. The lyrics are enjoyable, especially the chorus, and the guest singer, Kehlani, is nice fit.

In “fOoL fOr YoU” the lyrics are given with odd notes attached to it, especially when delivering the main word “you” at the end of “fool for you” but, despite this being the case, the suave in its entirety sets a nice mood. This song has loving lyrics that could swoon a girl , and it’s a perfect couple song for a dance.

“BoRdErSz” is easy going, talking about “giving all” of oneself, and “crossing the lines” made in a relationship. It sounds a lot like him trying to convince his partner to take it up a sexual step, but it’s given with such such ease it’s looked over.

The entirety of the album was okay, and it was a pleasant surprise for an artist that has done very pop and a teen directed way of music in the past. It’s to be seen that Malik is striving for a different sound now and should no longer be associated with the sounds of his former band. If that is a good or bad thing is yet to be known, but with this album, Malik is going in the right direction.

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