The 1975 concert review at the Chelsea Cosmopolitan


The 1975 performing their encore song "If I Believe You" at the Chelsea.

by Annaka Cieri, Editor-in-Chief

The 1975 have been on their on going US tour for their second album I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It for a little over a week now, and one of the first cities they hit was Las Vegas. They performed on Sat. April 23 at the “Chelsea” in the Cosmopolitan.

The “Chelsea” is a performing stage on the third floor of the Cosmopolitan, located on The Strip. It is a beautiful and large venue, to the point where one might question how they could even fit a stage this large inside the building. The “Chelsea” seats about 3,000, and on Sat. April 23 all these spots were taken at The 1975‘s sold out show.

Opening for them at around 7:20,was the lovely The Japanese House, a London based band by artist Amber Bain. They played about three sets, including their popular song Teeth, before Bain announced an audience member, named “Brian” would like to propose to another named “Chelsea”, which in itself was a cute way to kick off a concert.

After they finished their mellow set, The 1975 came on around 9:30 with their bright pink rectangles glowing. They started their set with their single Love Me, a very 80s pop influenced song. Now, with every typical “pump up” song like this the audience would begin jumping wildly, and you would almost feel like you were being bounced by the floor, and that’s because you were. At the “Chelsea” underneath their general admission area, they have mats that act similar to a trampoline.

The rest of their set included some new songs off their second album like, Ugh, A Change of Heart- to which the lead singer, Matty Healy, even did the dance seen in their music video of the same name-She’s American, The Sound, and much more.

They also included some memorable throwbacks with songs off their old album including, Heart Out, Robbers, Chocolate, Girls, You and more.

They even brought their touring saxophone player, John Waugh, to play through some sets, making the concert more surreal to the album.

By far the best set was The Ballad of Me and My Brain, with not only aesthetically pleasing, with a mixed of pink and blue strobes, but the best sounding. The guitarist, Adam Hann really let his guitar have it, while Healy, with the aid of a glass of wine, sang until his lungs sounded like they were going to burst: by far the most passionate song played during their set.

The only suggestion if you plan on going to a 1975 concert is to get their earlier and leave late. If you want a good spot, especially if you have a general admission ticket, I would suggest being their 5-7 hours early, because people really do start to line up then, and traffic can be terrible when over 3,000 people begin to leave.

The 1975 was by far one of the best concerts I have ever attended and if you get the chance, I would suggest you see it.