Bastille’s “Wild World” Review


Property of Bastille and Virgin Records

by Hailey Rodis, Senior Editor

Album Title: Wild World

Record Label: Virgin Records

Release Date: September 9, 2016

Rating: 8/10


With the release of their debut album, Bad Blood, back in 2013, the British indie pop band, Bastille, hit the top ten charts with many of their singles.

For the next three years, the band would become an international sensation and tour all around the world. Their success could not have been predicted, and certainly no one would think much about their second album.

The band has now released that second album, Wild World, and have fans everywhere enthusiastic about their return.

The album opens on a high note with the song “Good Grief”, which may just replace their previous hit, “Pompeii” and has already become a fan favorite. Already released onto the radio, “Good Grief” is the song that will be stuck in your head for the remainder of the day. The song, while about loss and recovery, remains bright, catchy and leads into an album that will certainly not disappoint.

The next star of the album is track 11, titled “Blame”. The song is one of the shorter and angrier songs on the album. Filled with as many uplifting tracks as their debut album, Bastille was bound to throw in a angry song into the mix. The song takes on a more guitar-driven, harder rock feel that Bastille is known for. It seems possible that the pop band is heading in the same direction as Imagine Dragons, who went more towards the rock side of things in their second album.

Some other songs that are notable on the album are “Snakes” and “Fake It”. Both songs are very uplifting and are about the hardships of life itself. They express thoughts and feelings relating to wanting to fit in or giving up  The songs are both guaranteed hits that everyone, fans or not, will love.

The combination of songs on the album is complete with some very inspiring songs and others that are on the sadder side. The album is very well put together and it would be a surprise if Wild World is not nominated for any awards come award season. It is evident that  with the new album, Bastille has also improved greatly since their previous release. The band should expect great things as many more amazing experiences are heading their way.

The new album Wild World explains the thought process of everybody as they face the struggles of everyday life and decisions. The band has risen to a new status with the release of their album, and soon Bastille will be a name known to everybody.