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Women’s Volleyball Shows Breast Cancer Support While Slamming the Aggies

by Remington Foster, Sports Editor

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On Oct. 19, the Palo Verde women’s volleyball team went in for the kill against the Arbor View Aggies with a 3-0 set win at the Dig Pink game.

The mood of the gym was set as our team was determined to win the game with the mindset of staying strong and helping those who are currently struggling, have struggled or have been lost to the fight with breast cancer.

The the first set of the game started off with a serve from Arbor View which led Palo into a frenzy as they got the first two points.

But just like that, the panthers were on the move as they quickly made a comeback. The scoreboard was quickly settled into a tie at 2-2. The entire set was neck-and-neck as the scores were very close.

Palo’s players such as  junior Riley Riddels, freshman Carli Tanner and junior Aaliah Largusa,  brought their A-game with blocks, serves and spikes.

A highlight from the first set was Palo’s player senior Jalyne Miller, who had an amazing dive save that made the crowd go wild.

The crowds had a competitive game of their own against each other with the cheering on of their team. It went from “scoreboard” from Arbor View because they were winning, to “scoreboard” from the panthers because we made a comeback and won the set.

The ending score for the first set was Palo – Arbor View, 25-23.

The second set of the game had the same outcome as the last with a win for Palo. This time, though, the scoreboard showed the true dominance of Palo as we continuously had amazing teamwork and teammate relationships.

“I just love playing with my team, and the Dig Pink game was great because we all showed each other support on the court like we were representing for those who are out there struggling or know someone struggling with breast cancer.” says sophomore Mia Saddler.

This set was filled with tension as coaches from both teams called timeouts during the game so that they could give their players new strategies.

The ending score for seconds set was 25-22; panthers came out on top.

The third and final set of the game showed that Palo truly came to win and were ready to finish Arbor View off.

A mentionable spike of the set was made by freshman, Arien Faford. It sent the crowd wild as it slammed down so perfectly that the other team seemed to want to just duck out of the way since Palo got that point anyway.

Lots of errors on Arbor View’s side caused many points for Palo that helped lead us to our win.

The ending score for the third set was a striking 25-16, making Palo win with all three of the sets and provide an ultimate score of 3-0.

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Women’s Volleyball Shows Breast Cancer Support While Slamming the Aggies