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Panthers take Homecoming title against the Spartans

King Nikko Escobar and Queen Jan Briones smile as they are crowned on the field.

by Remington Foster and Jared Feldman

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On Oct. 21, the Palo Verde varsity football team had an amazing first win at this year’s Homecoming game.

Starting off in the first quarter of the game, not even three minutes into the game, junior Chamere Thomas ran a 50 yard touchdown, and his kick was good making the scoreboard light up with 7-0.

An awesome recovery of a fumble happened for Palo senior Max-Miller Hooks. Following this, Thomas took the ball and went sprinting down the field for another touchdown that was 59 yards. Once his kick was good, the lights changed to say 14-0.

A mentionable play by junior Daniel Bellinger including a great tackle to help end the first quarter.

“It feels amazing to be a part of a team and contribute to it; we are like a family so it’s awesome when someone has a good play that gets everyone else on the sidelines and on the field happy and excited,” said Bellinger.

The second quarter of the game started out with another great tackle by Bellinger, but unfortunately the ball managed to be in the possession of Cimarron and they got a touchdown, and their kick was good, causing the score to become more competitive as it read 14-7.

The next great play was made by junior Earnest Williams with a 62 yard kick return that helped lead the team into the next 45 yard touchdown, which was made by senior Jonathan Scofield as he was passed the ball by junior Nick Zuppas. The following kick was good, increasing the score to 20-7, making the crowd of homecoming wizards go wild.

The game was all about Homecoming celebrations with the wonderful Harry Potter theme of everything with the floats and hallways.

First up came the group of excited preteens that represented the Future Panthers Float. They held kids of all ages that showed their excitement for the crowd with their pride that they already have knowing that they will be a panther in upcoming years.

The grade levels were each given a house from Hogwarts. They were as followed: freshman class had Hufflepuff, sophomore class had Ravenclaw, junior class had Gryffindor and senior class was given Slytherin.

For the amazing floats that appeared at halftime, the senior class was given first place for their decorations and spirit, the freshman class got second place, junior class got third place, and the sophomore class got fourth place.

As for the decorated hallways that corresponded with the grade levels and Hogwarts houses, those were also in a contest. The freshman class got first place due to all the wonderful detail and effort put into it, the seniors got second place with their darker approach to their decorations, junior class got third place with the tasteful amount of decorations and again in fourth place came the sophomore class with their effort.

The homecoming courts all had their grade level nominations ride in a fancy sports cars that were donated for the occasion that rode along with the floats. The homecoming King and Queen that was announced and elected were Nikko Escobar for king, and Jan Briones for queen. They made their stunning entrance at the end and arrived onto the field with the rest of the court for photos and the crowns and sashes, along with the bouquet of flowers for the royal queen.

The third quarter picked up the game with Cimarron having the kick off that was caught by Palo’s Schofield.

This quarter was filled with many runs made by both teams, but especially Palo. One of the plays was successful as Schofield had a 10 yard touchdown without a goal kick, making the score flash 26-7.

Exactly three minutes following the touchdown made by Schofield, he ran another 65 yard touchdown with a good kick making the crowd go wild as it was now a jump of a lead for Palo with 33-7. This ended the third quarter with the stands more than excited.

The last quarter was a breeze as Palo made it apparent that they weren’t about to slack off and lose their lead.

Williams came out of the start with a 54 yard touchdown in the first nine seconds of the quarter. The kick following was good and that made everyone go delirious as it was now 40-7.

Unfortunately, Cimarron also has a great play up their sleeve and managed to score a second touchdown for themselves without an extra point, making their side of the scoreboard change 40-13.

Luckily, as the buzzer rang, the last touchdown for Cimarron wasn’t enough for the power and determination that the panthers had brought to the field to win their first game in front of their magical wizard crowd.

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Panthers take Homecoming title against the Spartans