Halloween Panther Bites

by Hailey Rodis and Makayla Purvis

  1. What’s the best costume you’ve ever dressed as? Why?
Sophomore Lauren Davis, dressed up in her costume as a cat for Halloween

Alice in Wonderland because I freaking adore that movie (Alley Hernandez, sophomore)

Leprechaun, cause I’m short. (Mace Cunningham, freshman)

A doctor. I had fake blood all over me that my dad made and it was edible and tasted like chocolate so I drank it and freaked people out (Millie Gautschi, sophomore)

Ninja Turtle because is was super comfortable. (Taylor Conti, sophomore)

The best thing I dressed up as was a tired teenager with responsibilities,  because that’s the scariest thing ever. (Tayler Jones, senior)

2. What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever watched? Why?

Insidious…that movie gives me the chills and I can’t sleep (Alley Hernandez, sophomore)

The Conjuring. It just scared me since it was based on a real story and there were pictures of the actual family at the end of it. (Millie Gautschi, sophomore)

Ouija because it had good effects and it was scary. (Lauren Davis, sophomore)

The Labyrinth, because when I was a kid the goblin king scared me because I thought he would kidnap me.  (Tayler Jones, senior)

Blair Witch Project because it is based on a true story and it’s freaky that something like that happened in real life.  (Devon Dyer, junior)

RIP to junior Devon Dyer, who know walks around as one fancy skeleton

3. What’s the best thing to do on Halloween? Why?

Eat candy because you get fat in such a jolly way (Alley Hernandez, sophomore)

Scare people  (Mace Cunningham, freshman)

Go to a party or trick or treat. Both of those involve free food/candy and a fun time with people, that’s why I like them. (Millie Gautschi, sophomore)

Hanging out with your friends! It creates more fun filled memories (Tiffanie White, senior)

Watch scary movies to get into the spirit. (Taylor Conti, sophomore)

Hang out with your friends because you’ll have fun. (Lauren Davis, sophomore)

Eating the candy. (Sophia Sayson, sophomore)

We’re all mad here…or rather, just senior Tayler Jones is, with a Cheshire cat costume.

Dress up and trick or treat because you’re never too old to dress up, plus you get free candy when trick or treating.  (Tayler Jones, senior)

4. What do you think are the worst things to dress up as? Why?

Killer clowns because you’ll be shot (Alley Hernandez, sophomore)

Cats. Every girl is always a cat so it’s boring (Millie Gautschi, sophomore)

That’s a hard question to answer there’s never anything that is bad in my opinion (Tiffanie White, senior)

Ghosts because it’s just a sheet. (Lauren Davis, sophomore)

Harley Quinn – super basic. Too many Harleys. (Sophia Sayson, sophomore)

A witch, because that is overly used.  (Tayler Jones, senior)

5. What is one thing you would change about Halloween? Why?

No more fake spiders…..I hate bugs (Alley Hernandez, sophomore)

I would change it so that it’s always on a Friday because it’s on a Monday this year and it sucks (Millie Gautschi, sophomore)

Clowns because I am scared of clowns. (Taylor Conti, sophomore)

Safety issues because it can be dangerous. (Lauren Davis, sophomore)

It should always be during the weekend. (Sophia Sayson, sophomore)