Thanksgiving Panther Bites


via. Pixabay

by Sedona Goodbar, Hailey Rodis, and Makayla Purvis

1. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food and why?

  • Honey ham because it just puts me in the spirit (Taylor Conti, sophomore)
  • Turkeys because Thanksgiving = Turkey eating day (Sunwoo Kim, sophomore)
  • Mashed Potatoes and gravy were the best invention mankind has invented. (Alley Hernandez, sophomore)
  • Mashed potatoes, they’re just creamy and delicious (Millie Gautschi, sophomore)
  • The complete meal because it’s all delicious. (Kathryn Sutton, junior)
  • Turkey bones because of how crunchy they are (Braden Armstrong, senior)
  • The cookies cause cookies are my fave. (Hannah Beach, senior)
  • Creamed Corn because I make it the best (Savannah Anderson, senior)
  • A traditional filipino dish called dinuguan and some rice. It is a good mixture of pig’s blood and some sauce. (Denzel Reyes, senior)
  • Ham because I love meat. Especially honey glazed ham. (Talia Ethridge, senior)
  • Mac-and-cheese is my favorite and most important dish in my family, it’s like gone within minutes and it taste good (Ashya Turner, senior)
  • Honey Ham. I love the glaze and the crust of it all. (Deja Davis, senior)

2. What kind of pie do you like and why?

  • Honestly it’s the usual you hear, which is apple. It’s just always been my favorite compared to others I’ve tried like pumpkin or something like that. (Ian Santos Alvarado, freshman)
  • Pumpkin pie because it’s the best tasting to me (Elizabeth Fornaro, sophomore)
  • Pumpkin pie because it’s fattening and delicious. (Taelyn Roberts-Oliver, sophomore)
  • I like all if it’s not 3.14159 (and so on). I especially like key lime pie. (Sunwoo Kim, sophomore)
  • Pumpkin…traditional and amazing. (Alley Hernandez, sophomore)
  • Pecan because I grew up in the country and that’s all we ever ate. (Taylor Conti, sophomore)
  • Pecan Pie because of how sweet the filling is and how it’s topped with pecans. (Kathryn Sutton, junior)
  • Cheese cake cause we don’t have Oreo on thanksgiving. (Hannah Beach, senior)
  • Pumpkin pie because it taste like fall. (McKenna Topps, senior)
  • Pizza pie. This one is pretty good because it’s basically a pizza. (Denzel Reyes, senior)
  • I don’t really like pie but if I had to pick it would either be pumpkin or apple because I like the cinnamon flavor in both of them. (Talia Ethridge, senior)
  • Peach Cobbler is the best. It reminds me of down south. (Deja Davis, senior)

3. What do you think is the most important part of Thanksgiving? Why?

  • The most important part is the appreciation of Our Family, the food, and that it brings us together for a giant feast! (Ian Santos Alvarado, freshman)
  • Honestly other than the food, being with my family helps us bond just a little better when we all discuss what we’re grateful for. (Alley Hernandez, sophomore)
  • Appreciating your loved ones because they do so much for you. (Lauren Davis, sophomore)
  • The most important part of Thanksgiving is family because it’s significant to come together and share amongst each other.  (Kathryn Sutton, junior)
  • The food because it is the fuel that drives your body. (Braden Armstrong, senior)
  • Being with family because my family lives all over around the world and I never get to see them. (Hannah Beach, senior)
  • Family because we get to spend time with those we love the most. (McKenna Topps, senior)
  • Setting up Christmas decorations and preparing for Black Friday deals. Nothing says family like waiting outside a Best Buy for hours. (Samuel Skeete, senior)
  • Family because it’s a reason not to argue with each other (Savannah Anderson, senior)
  • Celebrating the countdown till Christmas because what else am I going to do to celebrate? I’m not even a pilgrim. (Denzel Reyes, senior)
  • Remembering how thanksgiving came to be and being thankful for those turn of events as well as living thankful about life in general because without the feast we would not be where we are. (Talia Ethridge, senior)
  • I believe the most important part of Thanksgiving is being with friends and family. The love in the air just fills a person’s heart. It’s a beautiful spending time and enjoying time with loved ones. (Deja Davis, senior)

4. What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you during Thanksgiving?

  • Once I was watching my cousins play basketball and I watched my 60 year old grandpa beat 6 10-14 year olds (Millie Gautschi, Sophomore)
  • I threw up after eating too much (Taelyn Roberts-Oliver, sophomore)
  • I bit a corn and my teeth came off and was stuck on the corn. (Sunwoo Kim, sophomore)
  • Orange Juice came out of my nose for the first time on Thanksgiving after my brother had told me a lame joke. I was taking a drinking and started laughing so hard, I was trying not to spit it out but if it wasn’t coming out that way it was going out the other. (Alley Hernandez, sophomore)
  • Our turkey got thrown out the window into the snow. (Taylor Conti, sophomore)
  • Sedona breaking up with me (Braden Armstrong, senior)
  • My brother ate all my pie so I forced him to do the dishes and I just wanted to get out of doing the dishes and I didn’t even want the pie because it was apple. (McKenna Topps, senior)
  • My brother fell down the stairs and broke his arm coming to the table. (Samuel Skeete, senior)
  • Well this one time my mother made some oreo flavored truffles with the good stuff. So naturally I had to throw away the batch because diabetes is a disease that I do not want. (Denzel Reyes, senior)
  • My family and I had a contest to see who could hold a plank for the longest amount of time. . .I won. (Talia Ethridge, senior)
  • We burnt the turkey and the look on everyone’s faces was priceless. (Ashya Turner, senior)
  • The funniest moment during Thanksgiving that happened to me is when I was laughing incredibly hard with my family and, long story short, soda shot thru my nose. (Deja Davis, senior)

5. Are you excited that Thanksgiving break is a whole week? Why or why not?

  • Yes, because we need a break every now and then especially with all the stress all the time that schools give students (Ian Santos Alvarado, freshman)
  • YES WOOOOOOOO VIDEO GAMES 24/7 HERE I COME! (Sunwoo Kim, sophomore)
  • Most definitely am I excited, school stresses me out and it’s a break I get to enjoy away from it. But I’ll miss my friends a lot because I hardly see them when we have breaks. (Alley Hernandez, sophomore)
  • Yes because I need at least a week break from school or I will combust. (Taylor Conti, sophomore)
  • I’m very excited, I love being able to sleep in. (Millie Gautschi, Sophomore)
  • Yes! I am very happy that Thanksgiving break is a whole week because it’s more time to enjoy the holiday, eat delicious food, and enjoy time with my family. (Kathryn Sutton, junior)
  • Yes because I can continue my eternal sleep (Braden Armstrong, senior)
  • No because I have way too much school work and I’m crazy stressed and now I’m angry at the school system for making me panic. (McKenna Topps, senior)
  • Yea because I get to eat a lot of food (Savannah Anderson, senior)
  • No because school is my life and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.(Denzel Reyes, senior)
  • Yes I am because now I can spend more time with my family and get ready to eat food then pass out. Also, black friday shopping and a time of relaxation before resuming school once more. (Talia Ethridge, senior)
  • It is because I don’t believe two days is enough time to spend with family. Especially family who are flying in from somewhere to be with family, or vice versa. (Deja Davis, senior)