The Gift of a Lifetime book review


by Taylor Kirby, Senior Reporter

Finally: the time is here to acceptably read sickeningly-romantic Christmas novels with no judgement. I kicked off this jovial holiday season, a.k.a the best season, with Melissa Hill’s, “The Gift of a Lifetime.”

Essentially a Hallmark movie in book form, “The Gift of a Lifetime” will have you so invested that you can’t even bear to put it down. The book is full of so many emotions, ranging from endearment, anger, sadness, excitement and so many more, readers can’t help but to fall head first into the world of Beth Harper.

Beth Harper, an Irish born woman converted into a New York prima donna, is a connoisseur of cheesy movies and all things romance. She gets sucked into her own personal cheesy movie when she’s sent on a treasure hunt by an anonymous suitor. Beth becomes obsessed with the hunt when she begins running around New York’s most luxurious landmarks like Tiffany & Co. and The Met, trying to find every little clue she can possibly get her hands on. Beth can’t figure out for the life of her who is behind the hunt. Could it be one of her colleagues? Or could it even be her mailman? With all the crazy plot twists, you’ll never guess who ends up actually being behind it.

With a creative and heart-sinking plot, there’s not much I would change in terms of the storyline. A few things could be changed in grammatical terms, but nothing big enough to make you want to put the book down. The author gets a bit carried with her wording, throwing in unnecessary words and adjectives everywhere that may leave you having to reread certain sentences, but that’s about it.

Other than the dramatic wording, the book climbs high on my scale of must-reads. It is certainly not one I would recommend to everyone and their mother, but if you’re a lover of the cheesy Christmas spirit, this is the book for you!