How Playoffs Are Starting to Take Away From the Traditional Bowls of College Football


CFP logo courtesy of the official College Football Playoff website

by Remington Foster, Sports Editor

Football games are all fun to watch, with all the moments leading up to the great moment of who will take the big win at the end of the big game, but college playoffs are starting to interfere with college football bowl specialty. Many players are now starting to decide to be a bench supporter for their teams in the bowls as they are ensuring that their health is impeccable for the playoffs that round the corner.

When the playoffs weren’t such a big deal, the players were working hard to get to the Rose Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, etc. Now, the playoffs are all the rave and have taken the superior spot for the audience. The decision to risk an injury or hard work in a bowl before playoffs has become an optional thing for these players.

On top of this, the bowls are before the NFL Draft, and the last thing a player looking to get drafted needs is to be injured and risk their chances.

An excellent example of this would be Christian McCaffery, a Stanford player. He made the decision for himself that, due to the upcoming drafting season, he wouldn’t participate in any of the also upcoming bowl games in order to insure his health to make his chances of getting drafted as high as he possibly could.

The importance of the bowl games has seemingly disappeared with the uprise of the playoffs. The amount of teams has doubled and, with an increase in attention to these games, the number of teams will continue to go up to make the maximum revenue that the sports and entertainment industry can. One can’t blame the industry for trying to put in the work to get what will benefit them most, but it feels like with decreasing importance of the bowls, it’s like getting rid of a long time tradition. It’s simply not right.

Along with that, many college football players go on scholarship, which means they were given a compromised price to go to that college for them to train and perform for their team and help them get better standings and ratings. This makes it crazy to think that while they are there on a college scholarship, they aren’t going to be playing an important college football game. Whether or not playoffs have take center stage or not, the bowls still exist and have importance, and still need players to play in them like any other game.