Palo is Beautiful Spirit Week

Student Council shows off their art skills with a beautiful banner

by Hope Freeland and Sedona Goodbar

During the week of Feb. 13 to Feb. 17 Palo Verde celebrated school spirit and took on a unique twist of the “Life is Beautiful” music festival to show their school pride. Palo Verde’s 2017 Panther Week’ theme was “Palo is Beautiful.”

Monday’s dress up day was rock and roll themed. Essentially, students wore anything that resembled rock and roll. Some options were leather, darks colors, or band t-shirts from their favorite rock band. Monday’s rockin’ lunchtime activity was jump roping.

As Tuesday come rolling in, Palo’s Panthers took a blast back to the past to bring out their psychedelic clothes with 80’s day. During lunch, only Palo’s most stellar Panthers took a chance to go one on one in a game of tetherball.

Wednesday was Coachella day. Students could wear some of their favorite Coachella outfits with floral prints and mesh designs. During Wednesdays lunchtime activity, Student Council pumped up the music to bring a totally amazing dance battle.

On Thursday, Palo Verde students got shuffled and wore their favorite band merch for Ipod Shuffle day. Thursdays lunchtime activity was an exclusive one-time-offer to get up close and personal with the stars of Palo’s best hit series, Mr.Panther. The stars of Mr.Panther: Season 17 were wearing their best to impress and take pictures with their fans. Of course to end the day, a live viewing of Mr. Panther was held in the theatre at six o’clock.

On Friday there was a concert-themed assembly with many fun activities for students to enjoy. The assembly was a blackout assembly with glow sticks, performances, and other fun activities Students, while sporting their Palo gear and brightly lit glow necklaces, enjoyed watch performances from Palo Verde’s cheer squad, dance team, Polynesian club, and even got to see one of the Mr. Panther finalists (Mr. Swipe Right, other wise known as Larry Ewell III) perform their routine. Mr. Swipe Right won third place in the mens competition, and to prove his worthiness, he showed off his talent, dancing to a mash up of various songs including artists that range from Elvis Presley to Michael Jackson.

Overall, Palo week was a tribute to music, fun, laughter, and definitely brought out some of the best in school spirit.