Meet Your 2017-2018 Student Council Candidates

by Hope Freeland and Jake Grosvenor

It’s that time of year again! Before ending another chapter in our lives in high school, we must elect those who will help better and improve the upcoming years with the annual Student Council Elections. On Feb. 24, the elections were held to see who would fill the position of President, first and second Vice President, Historian, and Treasurer.

The candidates Palo students had to choose from included:

President: Connor Leeming, Noah Johnson and Sophie Hutchison

First Vice President: Megan Raffety, Connor Christensen

Second Vice President: Haylie Pullan and Ivy Chipman

Historian: Abbey Hoogland and Taylor Slade,

Treasurer: unopposed,  David Marshall.

Each candidate had its reasons for running and had a personal vision for what they thought Palo should be like.

The presidential candidates agree that there needs to be a positive change in the school.

“I think we need a more optimistic and inclusive approach to student government at our school. I think it is time for a change in terms of the leadership and the people who run student council. I want new activities and ideas that will represent all of us not just the interest of the special few,” says Connor Leeming

His opponent, Noah Johnson, has set many goals to help better the school.

“My main goal at the beginning of the year was to provide everyone free t-shirts, the student council we worked together and we raised over $15,000 to give everyone in the school free t-shirts, I feel that it is all about inclusion and I want every kid to feel that they have a friend in me. I want to be student body President because I care about everyone,” says Noah Johnson’ on her goals and reasons to help better our school.

Sophie Hutchison, a dedicated student council member, has similar plans to help the school.

“I wanted to see a change in next year and I think I am the best candidate for that, I also love student council and everyone that goes here so I just want to demonstrate that love through my position,” said Hutchison when she was asked why she ran for President.

“I just really like student council and I want to be able to have an opinion and a voice in what our student body does, better our student body, and make it fun to come to school every day,” said First Vice candidate Megan Raffety.

When Connor Christensen was asked why he decided to run he responded with,  “I decided to run for student body to make a positive change in the school so that people have more fun at school and that students would feel more welcome, because I’ve seen recently a lot of kids that don’t feel included, so I just want to make sure that they feel more included and more welcome at school because it a really important part of their life.”

Both of the Second Vice candidates are passionate student council members and want to better the school as well.

“I decided to run for student body because I think that school is a really important thing and it’s important to have really good leaders that can change the school and listen to people,” says Haylie Pullan on why she was compelled to run.

Ivy Chipman, Pullan’s opponent, said “I’m running for student council because I’m passionate about bettering the school.”

The two Historians candidates, Abbey Hoogland and Taylor Slade, also had their own visions on what they could provide for Palo.

“I want to be a part of having a say in what the school does, and to be more involved in school,”  says Abbey Hoogland, a dedicated student council member, said made her want to run.

Her opponent, Taylor Slade, said “I want to make a change in our school and influence the events that happen.”

Finally, for Treasurer there was David Marshall.  He said “ I wanted to run because I wanted to see change among the council and I want to get more and more students involved.”


UPDATE: 3/7/17

Panther Print would like to give a special congratulations to the winners, pictured below (L->R):

David Marshal, Treasurer; Connor Leeming, President; Megan Raffety, First Vice President; Noah Johnson, Secretary; Ivy Chipman, Second Vice; Taylor Slade, Historian.