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PVTV Gets a Makeover

by Andrew Ochoa, Reporter

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Video Production, one of Palo’s most popular electives, is getting an upgrade. The class, founded two years after the school was built, has only grown over the past nineteen years. Beginning as a single period, the class has gained students, increased production value, and helped win Palo Verde many awards in the video field. All of this thanks to the class’s long time teacher Vicki Steffenhagen. The teacher’s latest step in innovating the class’s technology has students excited for the show’s brand new look.

PVTV has an all new set. After sixteen years of using a desk made by Palo’s own woodshop, the show has an updated background and desk. “We’ve had that desk forever and then we would just change up the background and add bookcases here and there,” said Mrs. Steffenhagen about the previous set. “We’ve never had a true professional looking, broadcast set, so it was a welcome change.”
Such an improvement doesn’t come easy, however. “Money is always a factor in these sorts of things. It’s thousands and thousands of dollars for something like that. So to get really what you want you need money and the right administration to back it,” Mrs. Steffenhagen explained.

Something that takes such coordination takes lots of time. Backgrounds take quite a while to put together and install, as Mrs. Steffenhagen explains. “We started building in the summer. So Mr. Sweikert approved the process at the end of last year. In the summer I went back and forth with a company and everything was chosen

down to the colors, the design, and the whole layout there. Even the shade of green, I had to choose from ten greens, they gave me different samples of woods to install, I had to check out pictures of sets that are in other schools, and the desk was another process, so everything you see back there was really custom built for us. We even had a 3D animation made just to see how it would look.”

The student’s reaction to the new set is very positive as Mrs. Steffenhagen explains. “Everyone loves it! It’s just exciting to have something professional looking and new. It’s always exciting adding new things to your program.”

Students were very enthused about the upgrade as well. “I like it a lot Yeah, they can do a lot more stuff with it than the classic one. Like the green screen so you can add effects and stuff,” said Junior Ashley Anderson.

“It’s cool, we don’t shoot there because we’re in Video 1 but I’ve heard it’s really nice,” said Danny Beecher.

As far as the future of the old set Mrs. Steffenhagen had this to say. “The desk is still in there to the side and I’m still deciding what to do with it. We might use it as a secondary set maybe for a sports area. It’s so big though that we really have to rework the space in there.”


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  1. Vicki Steffenhagen on March 3rd, 2017 8:20 am

    Great article! Thanks!!


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PVTV Gets a Makeover