Panther Bites: Zodiac Signs Edition


by Makayla Purvis and Hailey Rodis

What is your zodiac sign? What are the characteristics?

  • My sign is Cancer and we are moody, cranky, intuitive, easy going, sympathetic, and unpredictable. Also extremely unpredictable (Taylor Conti, sophomore)
  • I am an Aries–independent,bold,fiery, spontaneous (Ashya Turner, senior)
  • My sign is a Capricorn, my strengths: responsible, disciplined, self-control, good managers; my weaknesses: know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the worst (Talia Ethridge, senior)
  • I am an Aquarius: truthful, curious, imaginative, creative, unpredictable (Millie Gautschi, sophomore)
  • Aries. Pretty sure we’re hot-headed and very controlling. (Tiana Phillips, junior)

Do the characteristics fit your personality? Why

  • I would say yes and no. I don’t consider myself to be a know-it-all although I am pretty unforgiving and I do expect the worst. As for the positive traits I saw they aren’t far off. I’m not so sure about condescending.(Talia Ethridge, senior)
  • No. I’m a unique individual and I don’t believe stars determine how my personality is, I’m not curious a lot, or imaginative and creative. Horoscopes to me are just broad statements you can tag to basically anyone (Millie Gautschi, sophomore)
  • Yeah, I tend to blow up a lot and want to be in control of everything. (Tiana Phillips, junior)


Do you think it is important to know other people’s zodiac signs? Why?

  • Not really because people don’t always act like their sign (Cindy Ballesteros, sophomore)
  • No because everyone is different and a zodiac sign doesn’t determine them. (Elizabeth Fornaro, sophomore)
  • No because people aren’t always like their signs and you don’t want to judge them that way even if you don’t know you are.(Taylor Conti, sophomore)
  • I believe it’s more fun than important but at the same time, once we know, we shouldn’t automatically judge like, “Oh. . . you’re a capricorn.” Someone’s zodiac sign doesn’t make up who they are as a person and some people are completely different from what their zodiac says. Zodiac signs can been seen as a stereotype. (Talia Ethridge, senior)
  • No, it’s too much to keep track of. I can barely remember people’s names. (Tiana Phillips, Junior)


Do people’s signs change the way you view them? Why?

  • Yes, because most people are like their descriptions. (Lauren Davis, sophomore)
  • Yes, like if you’re a Leo I automatically love you, but if you’re a Taurus I don’t like you as much (Ashya Turner, Senior)
  • No, because I had to look up my sign’s traits and characteristics so if I barely know my zodiac sign, I think that goes to show that I don’t really know others. Someone shouldn’t be viewed as a zodiac sign but as who they are as a person and their personality.(Talia Ethridge, senior)
  • No, they don’t always show how a person actually is. (Tiffanie White, Senior)
  • Nope. Their zodiac sign has nothing to do with their personalities (Millie Gautschi, Sophomore)

Do you actively check your horoscope? If so why and do you believe it?

  • I do not constantly check it, but I do sometimes and when I read it, I believe some things are true. (Taylor Conti, Sophomore)
  • Nope. I probably check it once every few months when it’s brought up. . .I’ll probably check it after this questionnaire. I believe certain aspects but the zodiac can’t predict everything for everyone as multiple times my horoscope has said that I’ll find love and here I am. . .16 nearly 17 years, single, nothing bad about that though.(Talia Ethridge, Senior)
  • Yeah, just for fun! And I guess I kinda do? It doesn’t describe me completely (Tiffanie White, Senior)