A Dog’s Purpose Review


by Hailey Rodis, Co-Entertainment Editor

Rating: 6/10

Director: Lasse Hallström

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Britt Robertson, Josh Gad, K.J. Apa

MPAA Rating: PG

Release Date: January 27


What happens when man’s best friend leaves? According to the movie, A Dog’s Purpose, they get reincarnated into a different dog and thus the cycle repeats.

Follow the many lives of Bailey, the name given to the dog by it’s first actual owner, as he/she at some points struggles to find out exactly what the purpose of a dog is. Throughout many different lifetimes, both short and long, Bailey finds out how to make each owner happy and that seems to be it: the purpose of a dog.

With heart wrenching scenes about animal abuse and the sad truth behind death, this film hits viewers on an emotional level, rather than in an intellectual way. The writing though, while telling a sweet story, was not the best. While the film focused mainly on Bailey, the human counterparts did not seem very realistic. 

With the message that everything has it’s own purpose, the film explores the life of dogs in many roles. Some focused on in the movie include the life of a homeless animal, a happy family dog, a police dog, and a stray that finds a home. Each one has it’s own purpose that is clearly expressed throughout each lifetime.

The audience can relate and connect to Bailey, even though he is a dog, which makes the film even more worthwhile. Bailey goes through loss of fellow pets, and he reacts in the same way people would, sometimes not understanding it, sometimes wishing they went together. There are, of course, the typical thoughts about what a dog thinks. Sometimes everything revolves around food while sometimes not wanting to do anything wrong.

Overall, A Dog’s Purpose explores the lives of animals that are so present in the lives of many. Whether you think about it or not, dog’s do have thoughts and sometimes it is interesting to imagine exactly what.