The art of chemistry


courtesy of Sooyoun Kim

Junior Sooyoun Kim won first place in the chemistry poster contest.

by Samantha Burton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Pens were poised for fierce competition in the 2013 Chemistry Poster Contest, sponsored by the Southern Nevada Section of the American Chemical Society. From the flurries of posters conveying varying viewpoints of chemistry emerged three winners from Palo Verde: junior Sooyoun Kim took first place, and seniors Yuuki Furugoki and Miki Furugoki took sixth and ninth places respectively.

Members of the ACS judged the competition, and an award ceremony took place on Nov. 21 to honor the winners. Kim took home $500 and pride for her winning poster. Yuuki and Miki Furugoki both took home $25 for their places in the top 10.

“I was so surprised! They released the results a day late, so at first I thought I hadn’t placed at all. I thought I would be in the top ten but not first place!” first place winner Kim said.

Kim’s intricate poster shows a young scientist surrounded by a plethora of scientific advancements powered by chemistry. She was inspired by the things she has learned in Mr. McMillen’s class so far this year.

“I just started chemistry this year, and I didn’t know much about chemistry. So I wanted to put everything that I have learned in class into the drawing. Like atoms and molecules,” Kim said.

Her elaborate and abundant details made her poster stand out. From the thousands of strands of hair drawn on the scientist to the accurate measurements labeled on a tiny syringe, Kim’s extensive attention to detail was clearly appreciated by the judges. Furthermore, she was able to show the importance of chemistry to everyone through creative artistry, such as the seeming tattoo of the periodic table on the scientist’s arm and the smiling balloons labeled “He,” for Helium, floating happily in the distance.

“I actually had three drawings at first, and each of them were very different. I chose the last one because I liked the light bulb and the periodic table on her arm,” Kim said.

Yuuki Furugoki also placed. “The most important part is that I was able to challenge myself and have fun,” she said.

Senior Yuuki Furugaki's entry in the chemistry poster contest placed sixth.
Senior Yuuki Furugaki’s entry in the chemistry poster contest placed sixth.

Yuuki’s poster combines wonderfully blended pastel colors with imagination to create a drawing conveying the complicated processes of chemistry and its relevance to the environment.

Yuuki said she was inspired by the contest itself, the idea of chemistry. “I just imagined a scientist doing an experiment,” she said.

Miki Furugoki's entry for the chemistry poster contest placed ninth.
Miki Furugoki’s entry for the chemistry poster contest placed ninth.

Miki Furugoki’s poster shows the dramatic power of chemistry through multicolored test tubes thrown by a young scientist beneath the label “Chemistry is Magic”.

When asked about her drawing, Miki said, “My sister helped me out with it, and we were inspired by anime drawing.”