Ed Sheeran’s “÷” album review


by Hailey Rodis, Co-Entertainment Editor

Album Title: ÷ (Divide)

Record Label: Asylum Records UK

Release Date: March 3, 2017

Rating: 10/10

The time has finally come, after months of waiting Ed Sheeran announced that he would be releasing another album, ÷ (Divide) and it is all anyone could have asked for.

It’s no secret that his previous album, × (Multiply) was about heartbreak and the harsh truth behind the feelings many try to hide. Well, that’s behind Sheeran now, as this album reaches new heights about his upbringing in the United Kingdom and a couple songs about his new love life, a much more happy story than the one we know from ×.

No doubt everyone who listens to music has heard the first song he released off of ÷, “Shape of You” which shows a new kind of love in Sheeran’s life. Well, get ready for more upbeat songs about love and life, along with some of the slower ballads, similarly to the mix of tracks on his previous albums.

Sheeran has a unique sound throughout all of his music and can even be heard in songs he wrote that other artists have used, like Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” which even features Sheeran in part of the track. This album is no exception to that either. In every track, you can hear a wonderful sense of the real Sheeran through not just the way his voice sounds, but through the lyrics and the very personal meanings.

Through his lyrics that directly address his life and experiences, anyone can relate whether or not they grew up in the countryside of England or not. With personal stories about hanging out with  his high school friends, or the way people think about themselves, the stories, although obviously  about Sheeran, could realistically be about anyone.

Along with telling his story, Sheeran explains what he has to say about the world. He explains that people do things for themselves in one track, “Save Myself”, while in another track, “What Do I Know” he talks about the wonders of humanity and just how important they are. In each and every track, a catchy tune comes in, captivating the listeners.

Sheeran expresses his love in ÷ for many different things: his childhood, his mother, his mysterious girlfriend, even life itself. Each song brings a different story and with each story comes a new understanding into Sheeran’s story. Sheeran shows something different in every track on this magnificent album, and there will never be enough.

÷ may just be the best album Sheeran has released, with a variety of songs that are impossible not to sing along to. ­While no one knows exactly what’s next for Sheeran, even Sheeran himself, there is sure to be greatness in his future.