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Senior Spotlight: Ethan Thresher

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" -Wayne Gretzky

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Growing up with three brothers isn’t easy, but neither is owning and running your own videography business, all while taking on high school. Senior Ethan Thresher demonstrates perfectly just what taking on your dreams can reward you with.

“Every video I create gives me more experience to not only improve my videography portfolio, but it also improved my video taking skills,” says Thresher.

You can find Ethan kicking back, eating pasta and watching Parks and Recreation like any other teen. However, you’ll also find him picking up a camera, creating a beautiful new world through the eyes of his lense.

Thresher talks about his first big time inspiration for starting videography: former student Madison Pritt. “Seeing what she would put out made me want to pick up the camera and start my own business,” he says.

He first got his start in serious filming during student council’s “Winter Wishes” segment, where he filmed all of the wish granting throughout the school. His favorite video came, however, with his Thanksgiving video from 2016.

“I really loved the video I created, ‘What are You Thankful For?’ The video entailed my friend and I going to The Strip to ask random people what they were thankful for. There was one story in particular that made me appreciate everything that I have.” explains Thresher.

One of the most special video projects Thresher works on is his filming of LDS church members coming home from their missions.

“It’s incredible that you can capture these once in a lifetime moments and give it to someone so they’re able to cherish it forever,” says Thresher.

He describes the heartfelt nostalgia in each and every homecoming he films, as it brings him back to the moment his own brother came home.

Thresher’s best advice to anyone looking for a place in the school is to get involved in any way possible. Not only do you automatically get tons of new friends, you also gain opportunities like never before.

“Getting involved is huge. When I was a freshman, I didn’t want to get involved in anything. I used to think stuco was stupid, but joining stuco my junior year was the best decision. Getting involved gives you so many opportunities, which is great,” says Thresher.

Being apart of student council has reaped so many benefits, like being able to attend the multiple football games palo has to offer, as well as creating the videos for Mr. Panther 2017 

Besides having videography and student council close to his heart, Thresher is an all around type of person. He loves the beach, The Office, Parks and Recreation and just having a fun time. Thresher values the small things in life, which is why he carries an aura of relaxation wherever he goes. The beach has been his second home and any chance he gets, you can definitely find him there. In fact, he hopes to someday travel to various tropical beach destinations, such as Thailand, Cayman Islands and the Bahamas for both film opportunities and personal enjoyment.

“I love the beach: the smell, the feel, everything about it,” he says.

His love for all things beach has led him to dabbling in surfing and becoming a frequent regular to Mama D’s Italian Restaurant in Newport Beach. His perfect day would even include the beach, while being among his friends and camera, of course.

All in all, Ethan Thresher thrives as a role model for those who are younger and wanting to pursue their own dreams. With an upbeat attitude and a drive to be the best, there’s nothing this teen can’t handle.



Be sure to check out his website:

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One Response to “Senior Spotlight: Ethan Thresher”

  1. Dominique on September 24th, 2017 12:51 pm

    OMG! I watched that one video, “What Are You THANKFUL For,” by Ethan Thresher, the last guy who started crying saying, “I’m thankful for my children and I wish I told them it more.” It literally breaks my heart, it was so cute and so sad at the same. Altogether it was a wonderful video.


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Senior Spotlight: Ethan Thresher