An “Out-Of-This-World” Battle of the Sexes Week

by Andrew Ochoa, Features Reporter

Palo’s Battle of the Sexes returned this year for another exciting week of boys vs girls. Dubbed “Battle in Space,” both genders competed in everything from dancing to dodgeball to find out who’s the best.

Throughout the week, Palo students dressed up as all sorts of Sci-fi characters and competed in events every lunch.

On Monday, students battled in a game of cup and string in which players had to stack cups without touching them. On Tuesday, students played a game of chubby bunnies in space. The rest of the week, students were entertained with music played throughout the quad.

Boys and girls battled it out as Luke and Leia for the first dress up day of the week. That night, a dodgeball game took place with the finalists competing in the assembly game.

The rest of the week was full of even more space themed costumes. Space Jam, NASA, cowboys, aliens, and Palo’s own boys and girls shirts all showed the students’ rivalry.

Then it was time for the assembly. It began with the finalists from Monday’s game competing in one last game of dodgeball. After a strong game, the boys ultimately took the win. Then, the drill teams competed in a dance battle and the boys won once again.

The girls began their comeback after winning another round of dancing and their battle of dance vs. color guard.

In the end, the girls stole the show after an eventful week of competition, stealing back their previously lost title. 


See our slideshow from the week above, or check out last year’s Battle of the Sexes week.

Have a fun and safe spring break!