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Top 5 Underground Artists You Need to Hear Now

by Erica Jane, Senior Reporter

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Looking for music to lounge around to or listen to when you’re not listening to your history lecture? These artists, underappreciated but fresh, will give the category underground a new meaning.

5. Smino

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Smino is an aged soul stuck in a 25 year old’s body. He raps sickly sweet, his beats pounding through listener’s earphones or speakers. The general atmosphere of his music is alluring, hypnotic and perfect to relax to. His newet debut blkswn, brings a hot plate to the table.

4. Blood Orange

A popular writer amongst artists like Solange, Tinashe, FKA Twigs and Carly Rae Jepsen, Blood Orange is a singer, songwriter and composer from East London. His chords and lyrics bring an angelic wave to listeners in the nostalgic R&B way. He brings a soothing core to the music game. His latest album Freetown Sound, released in 2016, brings a sense of individuality and unity during a time of tough events, which gives Blood Orange a mold of sincerity.

3. Tame Impala

Hardly known, but often recognized, Tame Impala makes its mark across the globe. Rising from Australia, the band has been stroking funky, surreal music since 2007. Producing hits like “The Less I Know The Better,” and “Let It Happen,” the fuzzy layering of their music gives listeners a ride through a dream. They’re best to listen to on a warm day, sun cast along clouds and winds carrying the melody across


Rocking the Bandcamp world, VARSITY made their debut in 2013. Songs filled with rough lyrics but charming voices, listeners of the younger crowd won’t be able to resist the urge to dance. Each of their songs are brimmed with heavy emotion and newer fans will be absolutely smitten to their upbeat jams like “Still Apart,” and “So Sad, So Sad.”


1. Mitski

Mitski is hauntingly beautiful all in herself. Her songs preach her melancholy adolescence. A one man band, she composes strong chords and rhythms that dance in your mind all day. Puberty 2, Mitski’s fourth studio album, tells the struggles of growing up and coping with independence. Her art is a new sort of intimate; it burns like a rising sun yet gives listeners chills. Mitski’s songs are best listened to on nights that seem endless, restless, but she won’t falter to give hope.  

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Top 5 Underground Artists You Need to Hear Now