Palo Verde Theater Presents: Spamalot

by Andrew Ochoa, Reporter

Palo’s theater has put together yet another hilarious and song-filled play with “Monty Python’s Spamalot”. A musical twist on Monty Python’s Holy Grail, “Spamalot” delivers all the laughs from the original with added musical numbers by John Du Prez and Eric Idle. Theater’s three-day outing into surrealist comedy proved to be one of their best shows yet.

“Spamalot” follows King Arthur as he searches for the holy grail. The parody has Arthur and his knights sing and quip their way through the well-known legend. They encounter killer rabbits, dancing nuns, showgirls, french knights and more on their journey.

The cast and crew’s hard work and enthusiasm made for an all around great play. But for as much fun as the audience had watching the play, the cast had even more making it as Joseph Gewelber-Williams explains.

“”Spamalot” has been the best experience I’ve had in my life so far. Being King Arthur has been quite the blessing. Although it was very stressful, I made some lifelong friends and created a family within the cast,” said Gewelber-Williams.

Behind every cast is a talented and hardworking crew making sure the show runs smoothly. Leading that crew is Palo Verde theater director Dena Demman.

“Directing “Spamalot” has been a stretch for me. Having never been a Monty Python fan, much of it was new. The comedy kept me laughing throughout the rehearsal process. Monty Python fans have come out of the woodwork to lend a hand,” Demman writes.

All in all, theater was able to put together an amusing and charming play that raised the bar for future shows. The cast’s obvious chemistry and elation shined in this outstanding take on an already wonderful play.