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Senior Panther Bites 2017

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After four years worth of hard work and dedication, Palo Verde seniors are finally graduating on June 10th, 2017 and taking different paths towards their future endeavors. Here is a glimpse into the high school experience of the last class of the 90s before they graduate…


What’s your favorite memory from high school?

  • Senior BBQ, water balloon fight was crazy. (Ashya Turner)
  • Hanging out with my friends. (Jessica Brauer)
  • Dance shows because I’ve been dancing for seven years. (Jacqueline Dutt)
  • Senior Sunrise because the friends that I met with remained with me until the end. (Kalai Young)
  • Definitely prom. I had so much fun with all of my friends and we all looked amazing ! (Taylor Alexander)
  • The Disney trip ! It was super fun and I loved hanging around Disney with my friends. (Ashley Safran)
  • Senior Ditch Day ! We made it a snow day ! I loved having fun with my friends ! (Anna Garrett)
  • Grad Night for sure ! I had tons of fun and needed the vacation. (Amanda Wegner)
  • Freshman year band, I had a group of senior friends and I remember this one time I was laughing so hard that I looked like a mute seal. I don’t even remember what the joke was. (Alex Nelson)
  • The fire drill sophomore year when we got to go home early. (Spencer Mason)


What advice would you give to freshman?

  • Work hard and it’ll all pay off in the end (Korbin Jennings)
  • To just be yourself, don’t try to fit in just to fit in (Talia Ethridge)
  • Stay positive, never worry about negativity, work hard for better things in life. You’ll get far. (Ashya Turner)
  • Don’t procrastinate. (Kalai Young)
  • Attend your classes ! Keep your grades up and don’t mess with the wrong crowd. (Taylor Alexander)
  • Stay calm ! It might seem scary at first but high school is amazing. Just stay organized, and you’ll do great. (Ashley Safran)
  • Always be focused and have fun. (Adiba Adam)
  • Prioritize. Learn how you study best. Learn how to make your own notes while reading a textbook. (Anna Garett)
  • Focus on your future so you can be happy in the future, don’t get caught up in high school relationships or problems. In the long run, nothing here matters unless it helps you become who you want to be. So, focus on school, be happy, find your purpose because life otherwise has none. (Alex Nelson)
  • High school is NOT a game. Once you mess up, you pay the price, high school may suck but as long as you have the right set of friends, they will make high school events way more fun for you. (Tiffanie White)


What would your senior quote be?

  • I want to thank starbucks coffee for getting me through the all nighters. (Korbin Jennings)
  • But why? (Talia Ethridge)
  • It’s Floyd out here in this Mayweather. (Ashya Turner)
  • Jesus Christ’s sweet tree, why are you up so early? – Canterbury Tales (Ashley Safran)
  • Don’t do drugs. (Adiba Azam)
  • No regrets. (Anna Garrett)
  • I could hear my heart beating. I could hear everyone’s heart. I could hear the human noise we sat there making, none of us moving, not even when the room went dark . – Stuck in Love (Amanda Wegner)
  • Welcome to the real world. – Frank M Franco (Alex Nelson)
  • Spencer Mason, your toes are too close to your feet. (Spencer Mason)
  • Girl really? 5G’s please. Good God Girl, Get a Grip. (Tiffanie White)


What are your plans after high school?

  • Get my EMT basic and Advanced in order to become a firefighter. (Korbin Jennings)
  • Going to UNLV for four years and majoring in film production. (Talia Ethridge)
  • UC Irvine for four years and hopefully be in medical school. (Kalai Young)
  • I’m attending CSN and eventually transferring to an Art School. (Taylor Alexander)
  • Going to Ohio University. They have an excellent English program, I want to go into writing. (Ashley Safran)
  • Summer term at BYU and in the fall, a year and a half LDS mission. (Anna Garrett)
  • UNR to study psychology probably or maybe marine biology. (Amanda Wegner)
  • Go to UVM to study neuroscience then go on to graduate school for 6 years and gain my PHD in neuroscience. Maybe even go into teaching after that. (Alex Nelson)
  • Starting my college career at CSN. (Spencer Mason)
  • Attending CSN then soon transferring to UNLV. (Tiffanie White)


Do you regret anything from your time in high school? If so, why? If not, why not?

  • Not packing my own lunch instead of cafeteria food. (Korbin Jennings)
  • Nope because I did what I wanted to do. (Talia Ethridge)
  • Not passing all of my classes, (Jessica Brauer)
  • Not joining enough clubs. (Kalai Young)
  • Not participating more. (Taylor Alexander)
  • Nope, I had a great experience. (Ashley Safran)
  • Yes, I wish I would have been more involved in Palo. I do a lot of sports but I wish I would’ve done student council. I wish I would’ve asked more questions in class. I wish I would’ve been more close to my teachers. (Anna Garrett)
  • Not working harder on my grades and doing some extracurriculars. (Amanda Wegner)
  • I regret ever talking to a lot of people and not talking about school issues sooner. (Alex Nelson)
  • Not taking my freshman and sophomore years seriously. (Tiffanie White)


Who are you going to miss the most at Palo? (10)

  • Mr. Egbert (Korbin Jennings)
  • Mr. Mast and Mrs. Duong because they are my favorite teachers. (Talia Ethridge)
  • I’m going to miss my friends and maybe one teacher. (Taylor Alexander)
  • Seeing my friends and laughing every day. (Ashley Safran)
  • My counselor and all my teachers. (Adiba Azam)
  • All of my friends. I’m glad I’m rooming with my best friend this summer ! (Anna Garrett)
  • Definitely swim and my teachers. Coach Brent and Read especially. (Amanda Wegner)
  • Mrs. Reed and Mr. Franco. (Alex Nelson)
  • I’m gonna miss this soul sucking void. (Spencer Mason)
  • Definitely my close friends I made here, we will be going our separate ways after high school and I’ll miss seeing them everyday and maybe miss like one teacher. (Tiffanie White)
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