Fourth Annual Life is Beautiful

by Brisa Muscaglione, Features Editor

Once again, the excitement I felt for one of the only music and art festivals Las Vegas has to offer had been one of the only things getting me through beginning of the school year blues.

On Friday, Sept. 22nd, people from all over flooded the streets of Downtown L.V. to enjoy the plethora of food, activities, art and music Life is Beautiful has to offer. Coming together for the fourth consecutive year, this year’s lineup included musicians and bands such as: Lorde, Cage the Elephant, Muse, Chance the Rapper and Two Door Cinema Club.

This three day festival is open to anyone and everyone, with tickets ranging from $135 for general admission to upwards of $2,500 for a three-day VIP pass. Attendance this year was nearly double from last year, with 120,000 people expected in the streets of Downtown.

“This was the third year I’ve been to Life is Beautiful and it was the best year yet. The whole experience was amazing, including the art and the music. The three days spent at the festival always takes me to another place,” says fellow LIB attendee, Alex Elliot.

There was wide-ranging variety of food, making it almost impossible to not find something you’d like. From Mexican style street corn to a Middle Eastern food truck, LIB had it all.

Although there were well known artists, like Lorde, for example, underground artists also got some time in the spotlight, which is something I admire about the overall experience of these three days. These not so well known artists got to showcase their unique sounds in a pretty cool setting.

Getting up for school on Monday morning was rocky, due to a case of post-LIB depression. Some chose to get up and rock their new merch at school, while others chose to stay in bed reminiscing over some of the most beautiful memories they made instead.