Panthers Venture ‘Into the Wild’ for Homecoming Week

by Brisa Muscaglione and Andrew Ochoa

Last week, panthers enjoyed dress-up days, special events, and more in anticipation of one of the most popular dances of the year: Homecoming.

Palo kicked off the week by decorating the school to fit the dance’s theme this year of “Into the Wild”. With halls covered in moss and vine, and the doors decorated with Indiana Jones and Disney’s Tarzan murals, panthers were already feeling ready for the dance.

With that, Palo’s student council brought back dress-up days. The classic pajama and school color days were back, as well as special “Into the Wild” days like camo day and tropical, tacky tourist days.

Finally, before the dance, panthers packed both the assembly and later the homecoming game Friday night.

Palo Verde’s one of many traditions consists of going all out for special events in order to get the community excited for what’s to come. Being that it was homecoming week, the school’s student council didn’t fall short of making it clear that this year’s theme was “Into the Wild.”

The Panther Community crowded the gym to not only get a glimpse of what the actual homecoming dance would look like, but to also motivate the football team to excel at that night’s game.

The actual assembly consisted of various activities. For example, making four different people from each grade climb — and get duct taped to — a pole to see who could get the highest without slipping off.

Palo’s teachers didn’t shy away from the spotlight when they showed off their well choreographed dance moves to the audience.

“I loved how the excited the crowd got when the teachers started to dance. It was really entertaining to watch,” says student, Shayla Meneses.

Staying for the assembly is a really good idea if you’re looking to see everyone in the school come together to admire the work the faculty and student council put into making every year’s homecoming assembly something to remember.

Homecoming Court Nominations:

Kaylee Jurena
Seniors Kailah Ching and Nowie Se












Kaylee Jurena
Seniors Marlowe Clayton and Dwight Jones


Kaylee Jurena
Seniors Megan Raffety and Mitchel Olson



Kaylee Jurena
Juniors Karsonne Winters and Catie Mann


Kaylee Jurena
Sophomores Maximus Lear and Carissa Salazar


Kaylee Jurena
Freshmen Boston Boyack and Devri Doty


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