One Nation, Under Chaos With Guns


by Jake Grosvenor, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to the prosperous land of America, the nation everyone has heard of that offers everyone the chance to be who they are. Millions dream to be here and even more have moved here to follow their dreams, but amongst a nation of dreams and freedom is the horror of our inability to take care of our citizens.

Written in our preamble to the constitution is the beliefs this nation was founded upon.

With a nation made by the people to “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare.”

Despite this being written on one of the most important documents created in our nation, it seems we have already forgotten what those words mean. In the most recent weeks domestic tranquility has seemed to been a myth to this nation, and our politicians have done nothing more than wishful thinking.

In a little over a month we had over 3 large domestic terror attacks, one within our own home, and it seems that the government had nothing more to offer than a few tweets and speeches with the overall message of, we hope well for all those affected. The people who we have chosen to represent us and create a better future have done nothing more than use 140 (now 280) characters to send their thoughts and prayers.

Regardless of your faith and belief, what America needs right now to fight the terrorism in our nation is not thoughts, prayers, and tweets. We need those we have elected to make our lives safer and better to do their actual job instead of sitting in bed and tweeting, but when that times come, they shy away.

With two of the last horrific attacks hitting our nation involving guns, it seems that gun control has just been an idea shoved aside by politicians. In response to the Texas attack, our president responded by saying it was a mental health not a gun issue, and the fact is, it’s both.

The shooter of this horrible attack in Texas was mentally ill, and this was no surprise. Looking into his background, it’s found he served for our country, but he was discharged for abusing his spouse and step-son.

According to ABC News, he “pleaded guilty to charges that the abuses included hitting his then-wife with his hands and choking her, as well as striking and hitting his stepson ‘with a force likely to produce death or grievous bodily harm.’”

Despite this horrible crime on his record, it’s a mystery on how he got four guns in the first place, without the knowledge of how, many people have mentioned needing gun more gun control. Of course, like any time this idea is mentioned, it is immediately shot down with the reason it won’t work.

With any research this can be easily debunked, take what the BBC said as the safest places to live, looking at the top three; Osaka, Japan, Sydney, Australia,  and Amsterdam, Netherlands these cities are both notorious for being safe and reported so in the United States Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

All three of these cities, all have strict gun laws, most requiring some form of test, license, classes, and requirements for keeping and owning a gun.  The safest city was Osaka, their gun laws require all that was mentioned above, and they have to keep the gun in a police approved gun locker, and ammo must be kept in a different locker.

So saying that gun control doesn’t work is nonsense, even in Australia where they have implemented new gun laws, they have statistically seen a decrease in homicide. After a 1996 mass shooting new gun laws were put into place, and they have seen their homicide rate been the lowest in 25 years.

We state in our constitution that we want to ensure public defense and general welfare, alas we no longer care if that’s the case for our citizens, but corporations instead.

After the horrible attacks like Sandy Hook, the Pulse Nightclub, and any attack there is always gun control being brought up. And most these shootings have one thing in common, semi auto rifles, and in some cases like Route 91, a modification used to transform such a weapon into basically a fully automatic weapon. The Las Vegas shooting was so much more deadly because the shooter used a bump stock, an attachment put on the stock of a gun to use the recoil of a gun to push the trigger again and again. It took the semi auto rifled used in the shooting from a rate of fire of 30 rounds in 10 second to 70 round in 10 seconds, more than doubling the rate in which bullets were sprayed on  innocent lives.

Regardless of you like it or not, we are the only nation where this kind of event is common, in my life time alone, from 2000 to 2017, I have been alive for over 300 mass shootings (gun attacks where multiple people are hurt or attacked), according to In the United Kingdom, there has been zero mass shootings since I was born, the last mass shooting was in 1996. After than 1996 shooting the United Kingdom took that as a message, and they tightened their gun laws, not outlawing guns I should add, making it illegal to own a handgun. However, it is legal to acquire a rifle or shotgun by undergoing background checks, home checks, and you must give a good reason for wanting the gun. Even then, shotguns are limited to only being able to hold three shells, including the one in the chamber, and semi auto rifles can only have a magazine less than .22 inches in diameter.

In the top ten countries with human development, most require a mix of, a license, registration, a given reason for purchase, safety training, and safe storage, according to

It is impossible to say we are a nation made for the citizen when such laws and regulations are looked at as “useless” and when we try making our nation safer, they are ignored or boycotted.

It’s time to open our eyes and stop hiding behind our freedom and “west is the best” mentality. Gun control is not being proposed to take away everyone’s guns for the government to  overpower us, it’s a safety issue. We have our rights to bear arms, and I’m a full believer in our right to own a gun to hunt or protect ourselves, but there are guns that fit that requirement, but semi auto rifles and bump stocks and high capacity magazine are not in that requirement. I understand that gun control will not rid the world of violence, but when gun deaths are more common more than ever, we open ourselves to domestic terrorism and we’ve done nothing, there is no one to blame but ourselves.