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10 Tips to Help You Study More Efficiently

“Work smarter, not harder.” - Allan F. Mogensen

by Dominique Allen, Reporter

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Currently, you are dreading and anxiously waiting for exams while preparing to study days and hours in order to pass. Lucky for you, I’m here to save your grade. Here’s ten tips to help you study more efficiently for your any exam or test alike.  

Take Breaks

Taking breaks, every 45 minutes or when you just can’t stand another minute of studying, helps to ease the mind and is nice to have a mental break once in a while. A 10 to 15 minute break where you can stretch, eat, or relax has many benefits.

Ron Friedman Ph.D, a psychologist expert, states that studying can “replenish our energy, improve self-control and decision making and fuel productivity.”

Stop ALL Distractions, but keep the music

Obviously it’s hard to focus when your favorite character dies on TV and your friends keep snapchatting you about it. Luckily though, there’s a way to concentrate. Studies show that going into a quiet room to study with music in the background is beneficial for some people, for it improves attention, memory and reduces depression and anxiety.  

Use effective study methods

Methods like making connections, the SQ3R method, reward system, or watching documentaries can be really efficient once you find the right method for you. Making connections helps many students connect what they don’t understand to something they already know. The SQ3R method stands for survey, question, read, recite and review. This is mostly used when reading a larger text, for example, a history textbook or article. Reward system is rewarding yourself after learning something. For example, for every question answered, you get a gummy bear or sip of coffee, etc.

Test Yourself

It means exactly what it says: test yourself by making your own test or just asking yourself questions. Remember that the harder the test, the more likely you are to understand the information. Testing yourself works because it jogs your memory and you recollect what you learned or already knew beforehand.

Teach Others

Teaching others what you’ve learned is a good way for you to remember, recall and get a deeper understanding. Just make sure you’re know what you’re talking about before you go teaching people.


Yes, reviewing as in reviewing everything you learned for the test, quiz or exam not only will you ace the test but you’ll remember it after it, too. Recalling and reviewing what we’ve learned is yet another tip to study more efficiently.

Make Studying Fun

Use colors, make a game, diagrams, powerpoints, write a song about the topic if you want to. Be creative, your experience with studying depends entirely on you.

Repetition, aka The Leiter System

Repetition, repetition, repetition! By using flashcards, The Leiter System, or just repeating your information a thousand times in your head, you’ll eventually memorize the facts/vocabulary words. This system doesn’t work for everyone, but it is a good method, especially the night before the test or exam.  

Don’t Overdo Studying

Multiple studies show that over studying isn’t at all a good thing. First of all, the amount of sitting you do while studying is linked to health issues such as cancer and Type 2 diabetes. There can be so much stress on your shoulders while studying, sometimes it’s okay to close the textbook and get extra sleep instead.

Get Sleep, You Deserve It!

We all know that when we don’t get sleep, we’re not energized, we’re not awake and we’re meaner. But do we knowthe benefits of sleep for our brain? According to Health Magazine, sleep improves our memory, there’s less chance of inflammation, more creativity, sharper attention, lower stress and depression.

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10 Tips to Help You Study More Efficiently