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Making the Case for Hate Speech

by Eli Duncan, Opinions Editor

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2016 and 2017 were full of buzzwords. One of the biggest of those was hate speech.

The literal definition of hate speech is speech attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes of race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or other defining characteristics. And that does sound horrible, but it is not wrong to speak hateful things, despite what the media says.

Under the First Amendment, we have the freedom of speech. That is only limited by calls to action, such as yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theatre. Other than that, you can say what you want.

So why is hate speech such an issue when it really was not talked about before?

Welcome to the world of pandering. Even just eight years ago, making jokes with your friends about race or religion was common place, now, you always fear a lawsuit from the ACLU. And you can not say General Robert E. Lee is one of America’s finest generals without being called racist.

Saying anything that goes against the social just warrior’s agenda, you are a racist, sexist, xenophobe. You are committing what is considered a sin by anyone subscribed to the SJW ideals.

The idea to limit speech to weed out all the hateful comments is not a new idea. Following World War Two, Germany banned the use of Nazi symbols unless it was in art. Communist regimes have made anything pro-West illegal. For a time, mentioning communism in America was the equivalent of using racial slurs today.

Censorship of hate speech (or speech that we deem dangerous for public safety) comes from ignorance. On both sides.

The United States has been a melting pot of ideas, beliefs, cultures, races, and a slew of other things for hundreds of years and we will continue to be that melting pot. We are, without a doubt, the greatest country in the world.

We are great because of the rights our citizens get. One of those rights is freedom of expression. So, constitutionally, ideas that are deemed “hateful” are allowed and more importantly, accepted.

“Hate speech” is horrible. No doubt about that. If you are racist, you are a terrible person. If you believe in the Nazi ideas, then you are wrong. If you are in support of communist regimes, then you are wrong. But we have to be able to accept all ideas, even the wrong ones.

When you hear someone say something you do not agree with, you should not aim to censor that person. Instead, you should be thankful that you have the opportunity to disagree with them.

But this is not the mentality of the new generation.

There are efforts to appeal to the other side, like “free speech zones” which are not helping the ignorance of America’s college campuses or America as a whole.

In these zones, no one can limit what you say. So, if you say ‘I think Hitler was right!’ then no one can stop you. Everyone around you will understandably hate you, but because you are in the “safe zone” no one can tell you stop saying pro-Nazi things.

But the legality of those zones are in question. If you step out of that zone and say the same thing, someone can come around to stop you from saying them.

So in a country, founded on the idea of freedom of speech, we can now be limited to only nice and sweet things instead of spreading ideas.

The world is full of hate and the last thing I’m promoting is hateful ideas. But what can stop hate is listening to everyone on all sides and then hitting them back with facts that directly diminish their ideas.

Censoring someone that you do not agree with gives them every right and every motive to do the same to you.

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Making the Case for Hate Speech