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World Peace is a Bad Idea

by Mallory McKissick, Reporter

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World peace has always been this fantasy across the globe. It symbolizes joy and hope for the future of society. However the fallacy of world peace would actually destroy our world more than it would fix it.

The basic root of world peace comes right from the words, the hope that the world and all the countries, people, and communities within it would co-exist in complete harmony. Yet if world peace was actually granted the planet we live on would cease to improve.

World peace strips the world of competition.

Competitiveness is what feeds the world of improvement and success. Whether it is in a specific field of career advancement, or inventions, creativity, aspirations, and everything that makes man look forward. This is the same reason schools do not use pass/ fail grades. The lack of specific rankings deprives us of encouragement.
In the late 1950s, the Cold War began between Russia and America. Though it started as a competition of the advancement of nuclear weaponry, the war also expanded to a new area of rivalry.

“Space would become another dramatic arena for this competition, as each side sought to prove the superiority if its technology…” states

The Cold War was a scary time for all citizens across the world, due to threats of missile use, but the same conflict resulted in a multi-country space station orbiting the Earth.

Without the necessary conflict and issues between the countries we would not have half of the information of space that we do now.

Education is another great example. Without letter grades and the strive to become higher in the rankings, we wouldn’t have valedictorians, or advanced degrees.

It is naive to believe that a world of complete harmony could exist anyway. Men and women value ego and pride too much to set it aside and accept equivalence. The different financial classes of the world are too prominent in today’s society to just vanish and become joyously equal.

This also ignores the human aspect of a world of sins. It is in people’s matrix to want to make mistakes and do the wrong thing. People will want to get revenge, cheat, steal, fight, etc. World peace just pushes aside the reality of human nature.

Yes the idea of no more losses of soldiers in battle and war sounds amazing and the lack of fear of wartime for civilians in the battleground sounds wonderful, but to expect it all to resolve itself is unrealistic and idealistic.

Obviously the goal is always international harmony and kind all around, and it is obvious that a world without blood and gore would be wonderful. However these people who wish for world peace are the same contributors to the entertainment industry, which capitalizes on the same blood and gore they turn away from. War is inevitable.

What would the world be without problems?

We could evolve into a mindless dystopian society, or the passive aggressiveness could build up and the wars could become worst. The world would just stay still, the population would continue to grow at a dangerous rate, without the counterbalance of losses, and the world would slowly start to deteriorate.

I would choose a world of hate, war and hostility over an over-crowded world of nothingness. World peace would destroy our human culture and the environment around us. The hope and strive for world peace is falsely-placed and incorrect.

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One Response to “World Peace is a Bad Idea”

  1. Life finds a way on February 20th, 2018 9:00 am

    “World peace strips the world of competition.”
    You make some interesting points in your article. However, you provided no compelling evidence to support your assertion that peace will strip the world of competition. There are situations in which people can be competitive without killing each other. One example would be two companies competing for the same market share. The idea that humans cannot rise above there base instincts is fundamental flawed, contraceptives are proof that humans can go against there most basic instincts. I agree that humans are prone to making mistakes, that does not mean that humans cannot be successful. Finally, you made a reference to sins. Sin is an action arbitrarily defined as wrong by a religious institution and is not really relevant to world peace. Saying that world peace is unattainable is not a good attitude to have as a person in an ever evolving world Still, you introduced some interesting ideas in your article and i look forward to reading the next one you write.

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World Peace is a Bad Idea