Palo’s Five Day Weekend for President’s Day

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Palo’s Five Day Weekend for President’s Day

by Alexandria Margo and Joseph David

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President’s day is a much revered holiday that is to be celebrated on February 19, 2018. President’s day is much more than simply honoring America’s presidents. It is a day commemorating the US and the nation’s ideals and values.

On Feb 19, President’s Day was created to celebrate President George Washington and his successors after him. President’s Day was created in the 1800s when George Washington’s birthday was first celebrated as a federal holiday. It was established in 1885 by the Uniform Holiday Bill to give federal employees a three day weekend.

Many stores use this holiday to bring in eager customers with their many discounts.

As well as shopping President’s Day is full of staging celebrations and reenactments and other events.

Although taken upon as a day to give students and workers the day off as well as massive discounts on shopping, all must remember the importance of President’s day and the importance and realization of what America is all about.

Palo students are looking forward to the five day weekend that this holiday brings.

The five day weekend begins this Thursday and lasts till Monday.

Many students at Palo are looking forward for the chance to unwind and relax

In the excitement buzzing for the holiday break it’s easy to forget what this day stands for and why we celebrate it.

It’s important for Palo students to have fun over the break, but to also keep in mind the Presidents we celebrate during this week.

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