Bullying is Not an Issue

by Joseph David, News Editor

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Within the past several years the concept of the bully who engages in bullying has been widely spoken of and globalized in America and in many areas of the world. Schools everywhere invite guest speakers and lecture students on how to be weak and meager. It is simply not only the concept of bullying that is insignificant, but instead, the ways by which it can be quickly fought and prevented against that are much more valuable. However, bullying programs and lectures have epically failed in what they try to promote and foster. They have got the whole idea wrong. Bullying as an issue is something that is neither problematic nor significant in the first place.

Bullies and the concept of bullying have always been around, ever since the beginning of time. There is no doubt that as an action bullying exists. Yet bullying has been turned into an unnecessary issue. It was in middle school beginning in sixth grade where bullying was systematically turned into an issue and exposed to the public and students alike. Cringy boy bands reminiscent of One Direction came to my school and talked about how they themselves were bullied. Students in the crowd were then called down and given a microphone to describe their experiences of being bullied before a massive gearing crowd. In the midst of all the noise, it was clear they were exposed, victimized, scammed,  and used as examples demonstrating weakness, meagerness, and obedience to a society that submits to sensitivity.

Somehow, talking about being yourself in correlation with bullying doesn’t bud. The fact is it doesn’t. To be one’s self has nothing to do with bullying. If one wants to be independent and their own self, stand up and obliterate the bully who’s only meaning is to dominate. “You have to do what you want and live the life you want. Don’t let anyone else tell you what you can or can’t do because what makes you happy makes you happy, so who cares what anyone else thinks”, states sophomore Ian Gonzalez Buchanan.

Don’t be trapped. Get up. Stand up. Be tough.

Fight for who you are. Don’t be a victim who cries every time something pops up. The bully has one goal, to dominate. Be the dominator.

This concept of bullying as an issue has contributed in making an increasingly sensitive society apparent. The only message that has been delivered to students by these programs is one that teaches people to be victims and to have shallow minds. The fact is that in life there will always be an individual who will say something to someone that could potentially hurt the person on the receiving end. Often times there is a clear misunderstanding between people. Many people are simply offended at the slightest hint of air that brushes their skins. Many people cannot take jokes. People are born equal but made differently. There is no telling what one may come across or find in another. An individual only has the perception and schema of the world that he/she lives in. However, the skill of bending oneself to accommodate others is imperative. There are also individuals who clearly want to come across and haggle with others. One of life’s most important skills is to deal with people. There is no stopping one individual from doing something else. You are not meant to live up to others expectations and they don’t have to live up to yours.

Recently there has been a splurge of critics spreading the idea to “watch what you say”. Don’t! It is imperative that one acts on impulse and critical and smart judgment. Time is wasted by pondering over if one might be hurt just because you are about to speak. One person might be hurt by the same thing being said just as another might feel joyful and complemented. In the end, hesitation brings about nothing. This is part of the reason why the political climate in the US is so cold. People cannot have a discussion about the issues at hand and be fine with disagreeing. There are far too many emotions involved. Families dare not speak about politics at the Thanksgiving table because they are afraid of destruction. How often have we heard the phrase “Don’t talk about politics”. What about talking politics, religion, and other topics and at the end of the day still being family and friends. Tensions are high, but common sense is low. There is no use in deciphering other people’s mindsets. Develop a thick skin. Grow a pair. Don’t be afraid to get offended and don’t be afraid to offend.

Bullying from the start was never an issue to begin with. All in all, every human being could be considered a bully or have been bullied before.

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