Happy Anniversary Mickey!

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Happy Anniversary Mickey!

by Bailey Uzzardo, Senior Editor

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Exactly 90 years ago this year, one of the most lovable cartoon characters was brought to life. Walt Disney was his creator and he was Walt’s first ever character. The character is best known as Mickey Mouse.

This November, they are honoring the character by creating an exhibit to share the 90 years of remarkable memories. It will take place from Nov. 8, 2018, to Feb. 10, 2019. It will be held at 60 10th Avenue, New York, New York.

The Mickey: The True Original Exhibition will “highlight Mickey’s ‘True Original’ status along with his impact on pop culture and art around the world” (The Laughing Place).

Walt Disney sketched Mickey Mouse on a train to Kansas after he had just lost his previous job. He was about to name his creation Mortimer, but his wife made the decision to name him Mickey Mouse.

“The first Mickey Mouse cartoon actually finished was Plane Crazy, inspired by Charles Lindbergh’s heroic first solo flight… the second Mickey Mouse cartoon was, The Gallopin’  Gaucho… the third time was the charm for Mickey, however, when Steamboat Willie premiered on November 18, 1928,” the Walt Disney Family Museum said.

After that, his creation took off and gave people many adorable films, photos, and comics that every generation has come to love.

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