Athlete Spotlight: Zach Moore

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Athlete Spotlight: Zach Moore

by Zoie Martin and Mackenzie Khamvongsa

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As another year of Palo Verde football is back in session, football players from all teams are excited for another opportunity to take home the prized possession.

With the amount of dedication the Palo Verde Panthers have put into this season, there is no doubt we have a chance to win.

We had the chance to talk to star athlete, Zach Moore, kicker for the varsity team for Palo Verde High School.

Moore shares his story and the passion he has for the sport. As a sophomore, Zach has already achieved many accomplishments and goals throughout his football career and plans on being a professional kicker after high school.

Moore’s football career sparked after playing goalie for a soccer team.

“I tried kicking and had a natural talent for it,” says Moore.

Training every day has improved his football skills significantly. By doing agility drills, kicking drills and speed workouts, dedicated Moore always strives to get his work done and to perform to the best of his ability. With the endless training sessions, Moore looks forward to a great 2019-2020 season.

“We’ve been working out every day grinding; working on plays and fine-tuning things getting ready for the season. I think we have a good enough team to do great things this year,” explains Moore.

The team has helped Moore to excel in the sport with the immense amount of support and relationships that come with it.

“The humor and bond we have with each other, we’re like a family,” states Moore.

Ranked first in Nevada for sophomore kickers, Moore was able to display his talent with only one and a half years of experience, with many more years of dedication to come.

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