Palo Varsity Football vs Las Vegas High School

by Kayla Faasse, Senior Editor

On Sept. 7th, cleats hit the football once again as our Panthers took on the Las Vegas Wildcats for our first home game of the season. The bleachers were packed with dedicated students dressed in all black. With a win of 34-14, it was a memorable night with big smiles, lost voices, and lots of school spirit.

The game started off when Palo won the coin toss, gaining the first kick off. The Wildcats showed strong defensive tactics as the players ran back and forth across the field for the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter.

With eight minutes left in the second quarter, the Wildcats scored a touchdown, following up with a kick and making the score 0-7.

Two minutes afterward, Palo scored a sixteen-yard touchdown but missed the kick bringing the score to a new total of 6-7. This definitely got our players hyped up, but that didn’t last for much longer.

A little over a minute later, the Wildcats scored another touchdown and made the kick, giving them a new lead of 7-14.

Jaylin Henderson gained the ball once again and managed to run another twenty-five yards before getting knocked out of bounds by a Wildcat.

Palo receives another touchdown, while also earning two penalty points with three minutes left in the second quarter. This helped Palo tie the score of 14-14.

After running back and forth for most of the third period, with three minutes left, Charron Thomas scores another touchdown. Zachary Moore kicks the ball into the end zone giving us that extra point and the lead of 21-14. The Panthers managed to hold onto that lead for the rest of third quarter, giving all the guys the confidence to win the game.

It only took two minutes in the fourth quarter for Charron Thomas to score another touchdown. Zachary Moore was able to make another good kick into the end zone boosting the score to 28-14.

Dacen Phister carried the ball down the field but was tackled last minute by the Wildcats at the three-yard line. Wasting no time, number one was able to run the three yards and score yet another touchdown for the Panthers. A wildcat managed to block Moore’s kick, but we still held onto our strong lead of 34-14.

The Panthers continued to run down the clock for the rest of fourth quarter as they tackled the Wildcats and kept them out of their end zone, finishing up the game with a win of 34-14.  

So far, the Panthers are starting off with a great season.