Class of 2019’s Senior Sunrise

by Alexandria Margo, News Editor

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Senior sunrise started off at the soccer field from 6:15 AM to 7:30 AM.

Seniors enjoyed donuts, photos, music and, of course, spending time with their friends and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Senior student, Diane, states, “I had fun at the sunrise. There was food provided and a lot of picture opportunities. I wish we had a little more to do but it was very relaxing.”

Panthers really got creative with their outfits for the day. The crowns were adorned with many things from flowers to barbie doll pieces. The shirts, one could argue, were even more creative than the crowns.

Some panthers wore the senior shirts and some created their own themes with their group of friends. Seniors coordinated their shirts from the Golden Knights to rainbow M&M’s.

Through these shirts, the bond of friendship and unity shows the connections stemming all the way from freshman to senior year.

Diane simply puts, “My favorite part about senior sunrise was seeing people I don’t normally see on a day to day basis and just hanging out. We talked about our year and really connected. It was stress-free and didn’t feel rushed. It was like we had all the time in the world.”

Overall, seniors enjoyed this day as a reflection of their high school career and all the memories they have created and shared with others throughout the years.


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