Destiny 2 review

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Destiny 2 review

by Eli Duncan, Editor-in-Chief

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Rating: 10/10

MSRB: Teen

Four years ago, the game company, Bungie, promised us the beautiful, open-world game we know as Destiny. The hype was enormous. What the players got was an incomplete game at launch that gradually got better over the course of three years.

Now, after three years of the first game, Bungie has released Destiny 2. The game is centered around the player fighting Ghaul and his Red Legion army. His legion has taken our home and our Light. The leaders of the Guardians are missing and powerless, the number of Guardians are dwindling, and all of our sweet, sweet loot was destroyed. It is up to us, the player, to put everything back to normal. Except for your loot. Your loot is forever lost.

Destiny 2 has everything the predecessor didn’t have, like an engaging story. The story of Destiny 2 kept you wanting more and kept you moving. More importantly, it kept you playing. One of the biggest complaints of Destiny was that the player had to use sources outside of the game to read in order to know the lore behind the game we have grown to love. Destiny 2 provides the story in the game, which has made me play the game for 40 hours in four days to know the full story.

The gameplay mechanics look and feel different. The subclasses have been changed, and each will play a very specific role when doing things with friends. If you want to play defense, try the Sentinel Titan class. If you like up close and personal attacks, Arcstrider Hunter is the way to go. Those are only two of the possible combinations the player can choose from in Destiny 2.

Clans are now more accessible than ever. Clan support was kind of there but it provided no benefit to anyone in the clan. Now, everything is put in a game and you can invite players to your clan while inside the game menus. You can have your clan emblem show up and everyone that’s inside the clan also appears in the menus. Most importantly, the weekly objectives that appear in the game every Tuesday now give extra loot to everyone in the clan, no matter who completes the objective.

Returning from the first game, strikes and public events are now fun and useful. Strikes allow you to team up with two other Guardians and run through a mission to kill a powerful, high-level enemy target. These will reward you with gear ranging from rare to exotic value. Public events are events that are available to anyone that appears. Hence the name, public event. These had no purpose in the first game and now reward you with gear that can help increase your power level. Completing public events also aid in completing weekly objectives, and completing a certain amount on the weekly world will reward you with legendary and exotic gear.

In Destiny 2, you have four beautifully designed moons and planets. On Earth, you explore the European Dead Zone. This is the largest of the four. Here you fight your way through Fallen and Cabal. Next up is Saturn’s moon Titan. A place where Cabal, Fallen, and Hive all pose a threat. Jupiter’s moon Io is on this world list. You can continue the fight against the Vex, the Taken, and the Cabal. Lastly, the planet of Nessus. A planet where Fallen, Vex, and Cabal all want to take over for their own gains. Each of these worlds play a role in the fight against Ghaul and his Red Legion.

All of this leads to the end game. The portion of the game where the main objective isn’t killing a boss, but is leveling up and getting the best gear that fits your play style. Your character maxes out at level 20. Once you reach that, you have to get better and more powerful gear to increase the level. The current max for this portion is 350 power. This may seem like a lot but once you reach level 20, your power level should be around 200. The first part in the end game is to get to at least 240 power to complete the nightfall strike, a hard version of one of the strikes. Doing so will get you more powerful gear to help you get ready for the second part of the end game, the raid, which launched on Sept. 13.

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