Is Reading a Fad?


by Rhiannon Belanger, Junior Editor

Reading has always been something I like to do and as far as I know, my peers feel the same way. However, it recently came to my attention that a lot of my friends had not finished a book since 8th grade. That is three years for them! The biggest question racing through my head was “is our generation not as intelligent as past ones?”

Junior, Devon Yemane, says, “Cell phones are very addictive and most teenagers spend hours on social media every day. With so much technology, books are becoming old fashion. I don’t think this is because our generation is ‘lazy’ we just utilize what we see in front of us, and that happens to be our phones.”

Before technology was as advanced as it is now, people used reading as entertainment. Now that we have extremely developed technology, we use that for entertainment and books are just not sparking interest in teens anymore. This does not mean that our devices are not used as a model of innovation and creativity, but most teens utilize what they have to feed their social media addiction. There are still a lot of teens who enjoy reading, but when intellectual things slowly die out, it is hard for us to see that things are drastically changing.

“I think more people should read because reading can help you focus on something else besides what’s in front of you,” Junior Zoey Kelman said.

It has been found that 45 percent of 17-year-olds admit to reading for leisure, reading once or twice a year. Those statistics are incredibly farcical, and I do not think enough people know about it. It takes the average person approximately five hours to read a 300-page book, which is about the same amount of time a quintessential teen is on their phone in the span of 24 hours.

What we get out of vines, memes, and “the perfect post” is nowhere near as valuable as the time it would take to expand our mindsets and broaden our horizon. It is not that we can’t change, but do we even want to?