People Should be More Open to Talk About Politics

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People Should be More Open to Talk About Politics

by Joseph David, Copy Editor

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In the United States, talking about politics has crossed the line of taboo.

All too often the idea of talking politics evokes great fear. Together with religion, politics is the unspeakable subject that most avoid and at all costs choose to ignore. This is due in large to the conflicts that have arisen between family and friends. However, there is no due reason and irrational conflict specifically should not be a deterrent but instead a subject that society must be willing to assess.

Why is a subject so important as politics be pushed aside and what can be done to incorporate this subject into society without furious anger and division as the result. Politics in America is largely the summation of the decisions made by the common people.

America’s politicians are chosen by the people themselves and because of this it is essential that the people are informed about the candidates. For the people to choose who represents them is merely a choice based on how much they know about each candidate and who is more viable for the position. Without a properly informed and educated public, the only result is a leader who should not be leading the people in the first place.

To be informed and educated about the political realm and candidates is one thing. To discuss politics is another. To discuss politics is a macrocosm of ideas and their ensuing exchange. The ancient Greeks would hold forums to discuss and exchange ideas. Although the individuals involved in politics and choosing leaders were largely miniscule compared to the masses of democracy today, the idea is in itself something that should be brought to the modern democracies.

The Greeks, as evidenced by the works of such men as Plato, would discuss certain subjects to the point of conclusion. Influential in this manner was Socrates, who Plato faithfully documents in many of his works including Republic. There were disagreements, but the individuals participating would work it out to a common and honest conclusion. Then as now, politics is a serious matter and can radically change and alter history. To make a major mistake as seen many times before can lead to utter destruction and chaos.

Democracy is a system that has been largely proven to work but only so far as the people are totally informed and can make rational and critical decisions. Due to this aspect, and was the case with the founding fathers, many of the founding fathers did not believe that such critical decisions could be left to the common man. However, as history progressed, it has been seen that for the most part the right leaders have been chosen. There have been cases, not just in democracy, where horrible choices were made that may have even at the minimalist altered the course of history forever for better or for worse.

The main point is that every citizen in the United States has a duty to vote for the right candidate. Voting is not just some run of the mill, go to your local grocery store, and vote for some random person once every four years who could in turn be leader of the free world. Facts have to be studied and critically analyzed. This is where discussion enters the picture.

To rationally discuss and dissect the political realm amongst family or friends is something that should happen. Politics should simply be one option amongst others to discuss at the dinner table, whether it is just among the household or family and friends. It was seen to by the ancient Greeks that when coming to a solid conclusion at the end of a discussion that this discussion serve as a form of unification, not as a form of division. This is something that should be seen by all Americans. That at the end of the day, whether it be with your wife, husband, mother, father, uncle, aunt, sister, brother or friend, at the end of the day everyone is still together, because in the end family is still family, friends are still friends; something that is most important amongst all people.

Don’t call upon negative emotions in moving the discussion. Talk about it as it would any other idea or discussion. Discussing politics also allows others to influence one another and gain an idea of what others believe and think. When debating and exchanging ideas people can also attain ideas that one may have never heard of. This melting pot of ideas can lead to more ideas which can be further produced to reach a rational level of decision-making which can be used in determining who to vote for.

Not to mention, it feels great when talking about politics to someone and letting the mind release what it contains. All in all politics is an art not just limited to politicians, but within a democracy, is given full reign to the people. As popular sovereignty is meant to be representative of America, so it is that the big decisions, the political realm, are largely left to the people.

When it comes to the big issues, do not sit back and keep silent. If the people are silent, so is the country and its politics. If the country and its politics are healthy, then so must be the discussion.

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