Restaurant Review: ColdPress Express

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Restaurant Review: ColdPress Express

by Zoie Martin, Junior Editor

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With the newest addition to Downtown Summerlin’s restaurant scene, ColdPress Express opened its second location in Las Vegas as of the week of Sept. 16th. The juice bar is a sister company to SkinnyFats, and is located two stores away from each other.

The “homey” like feeling you get when you walk through their doors provides an environment that definitely makes you want to come back. Its modernized style and beautifully painted mural wall is one of the shop’s best parts.

One interesting aspect of this store was the completely “cashless” payment system, as they only accept debit and credit cards. A wall in the shop is dedicated to explaining why their cashless system works best.

“I love coming here, the environment here really makes you feel comfortable as well as the customer service. The food and drinks are amazing; this is definitely becoming my favorite place to go for a quick snack or cleansing drink,” says customer Melissa Dominguez.

The employees assist the customers with a friendly greeting as you walk through the door.

The food is delicious, and with the healthy ingredients and fresh fruits and vegetables used, it appeals to not only health gurus but to everyday juice lovers.

“The way that we extract the juice basically keeps the juice at a colder temperature. The reason that’s important is because if you heat juice up to a certain temperature, you kill the raw and natural nutrients of it. So basically, our juice is going to be more dense with vitamins and nutrients,” says manager of restaurant, Chaisson.

If you’re planning on making a trip to ColdPress, the CPE Punch smoothie and the Liquid Defense juice are two of their most popular items. The smoothie includes: apples, orange, strawberries, bananas, lemon and agave; making it a classic best seller. The liquid defense has flavors of orange, apple, carrot, lemon, lime and basil.

The “toasted” portion was probably my personal favorite part. When reading the menu, the goat cheese, apples and cinnamon on charcoal toast didn’t appeal to me at first, but after tasting it, I fell in love. The multiple flavors came together and actually worked. Not only was the food good, but the platting of the food was presentable which honors the effort put into each and every dish.

The average priced bowls and drinks help to put you over the edge to want to come again.

“It’s been very amazing. All of the customers really enjoy it; if you look around you can see the vibes of the place and you can just tell its a place where people want to be. It’s nice to work at a place people want to be at,” says Chaisson.

Personally, I would give the restaurant an overall 10/10. From the good food to the great people, this juice bar passed my expectations.


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