Get Ahead of the SAT and ACT

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Get Ahead of the SAT and ACT

by Dominique Allen, Junior Editor

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Palo Verde upperclassmen, standardized testing is approaching rapidly and if you don’t know the necessary information, you’re reading the right article.

The next deadline date for the SAT is November 2 and for the ACT the next deadline is November 3.

For you so-very lucky juniors, your standardized testing dates will be on March 12. However, do not panic, it is unnecessary for juniors to register but it is recommended that you take Palo Verde’s prep classes that cost around $95 to better prepare yourself for these tests.

If you are interested in any of the prep classes, go to

Mrs. Dambro, the counselor for college ready students, gives advice on these upcoming tests. “Never leave any questions blank, never, if you can take an educated guess, that’s great but you want to fill in all the questions before the time ends”.

She also advises to go online on ACT/SAT websites or at the library and practice online with a timer so you’re prepared for the real test.

For more information or any questions, go to Mrs. Dambro or login to these websites  or


Quick Reminders:

SAT Deadlines – November 3 (Oct.5), December 1 (Nov. 2), March 9 (Feb.8), May  4 (April 5), June 1 (May 3)

ACT Deadlines – December 8 (Nov. 2), February 9 (Jan.11), March 12 (All 11th graders will take this test, no need to register or pay), April 13 (March 8), June 8 (May 3), July 13 (June 14); go to to register, only register  if you are a senior who is retaking the test.

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