Pixar Spirit Week

by Dominique Allen, Senior Editor

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In honor of homecoming on Saturday, Oct. 13th, student council hosted the first spirit week of the school year with the theme of Disney Pixar.

Each grade of students had a particular theme; the freshmans had the theme of the movie “Finding Nemo;” the sophomores had the theme of “Toy Story;” the juniors had the theme of “Up;” the seniors of the theme of “Monster Inc.”

Now, the first theme of spirit week was P.J. Day or “Sleepy Monster,” for the seniors theme of Monsters.

On Tuesday, grab out the canes you have in your garage for the theme of “Up.” Students were to dress up as a senior citizen or an explorer. In honor of the spirit week, student council also hosted a movie night later that day.

March one, two, three, four, to introduce Army Day. Students wore camo on Wednesday.

Thursday was Twin Day or Synchronized Swimmers Day. Students in the crowds dressed up as their friends or wore matching outfits with their friends.

Friday was the most exciting day out of the week with an assembly afterschool and a homecoming football game. Just a day before the homecoming dance, students showed their school spirit by wearing their homecoming shirts or class colors.

Seniors wore purple, juniors wore red, sophomores wore blue and the freshman color was green.

The assembly had many events and activities with the football players and the teachers, who performed a funny, modern-hip hop dance. On top of those performances, marching band played for the school and kept the crowd going.

Later that day, students, parents and teachers filled the bleachers of the football field to support the football game with their friends and family.

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