Winter is Coming to Vegas… Are You Prepared?

by Jordyn Selznick, Sports Editor

Many think that Las Vegas is a nice and warm tourist town, yet not many are prepared for the grueling winter the Las Vegas valley provides during these cold upcoming months.

Surprisingly, there are many fun winter activities to do in this desert.  The city during these cozy holiday months are filled with fun activities.

A snow day in Las Vegas is very rare, yet we do have our wondering ski and snowboarding resort called “Lee Canyon.” Even though this is a seasonal golf course, it comes complete with runs and slopes for sledding, skiing, snowboarding, and even snowshoeing. This resort is mostly open during the chilliest months of Late December and early January. This resort is super cost effective for teenagers and had very good food. The atmosphere is the most breath taking.

When I went to Lee Canyon, I couldn’t believe this beautiful snowy paradise was right around the corner from Palo Verde High School.

Another fun activity to do in Las Vegas is going Ice Skating. There are many public ice skating rinks around the valley. One being right around the corner. Our own Downtown Summerlin has an ice skating rink open each winter. Another location for ice skating is at the Cosmopolitan Casino and Resort. These ice skating rinks are truly delightful that are cost effective to students.

Many hotels and shopping malls around the Las Vegas area have very festive holiday decorations for people to enjoy with their families. This is not just a cute photo op but also a nice experience to share with the people you care about and love.

For most people though, the cold months are a time to snuggle up and drink some hot chocolate. There are many places on the strip and Downtown Summerlin that have amazing Black Friday sales, and holiday sales in general.

Walking around, shopping, and drinking hot coco sounds like the most amazing way to spend my free time during the winter.

In all, Las Vegas in this upcoming chilly months aren’t too bad after all, yet better start saving up… because that hot chocolate money isnt coming from thin air!