“The Sun is Also a Star” review


by Janel Delgado, Senior Editor

Rating: 8/10

Author: Nicola Yoon

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Release Date: November 1, 2016


The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon follows a Jamaican immigrant, Natasha, and a first generation South Korean American, Daniel, who have a chance meeting.

Natasha is a science nerd who does not believe in fate or destiny. She trusts facts and the predictable, but when she meets Daniel in the streets of New York on the day she is going to be deported everything changes.

Daniel is always trying to live up to his parents expectations. He is a poet and a dreamer who cannot help but be captivated by Natasha. They have an undeniable connection, but there are inevitable obstacles that they have to face.

So, if they were doomed from the start, why did the universe bring them together?

The first page was so captivating that I knew this story was going to be one that stuck around long after the last page was turned. Although the story was amazing, the writing style was a little odd. The novel is written with alternating chapters between Daniel and Natasha, as well as other side characters and even chapters from “Fate,” “Hair,” and “Eyes.”

I enjoyed Natasha’s and Daniel’s perspectives but I did not like the other random perspectives. Doubt crept into my mind that I would not end up enjoying the book but boy was I wrong.

I learned to love the odd chapters and realized their significance. The chapters that are not from Natasha and Daniel’s perspectives contribute to a major theme throughout the story. This book is all about coincidences and how everything happens for a reason — or maybe not. The other chapters showed how just one encounter or a few simple words might be insignificant in your story, but could mean so much to someone else’s.

It is not just about different cultures trying to come together, messed up families, young love, heartbreak, following your dreams, and immigration; it is about so much more. You can take the story as it is, or you can dive deep and pull back the never-ending layers. There is so much to take and learn from this book. It is a book that every time you read it you get something different out of it.

One thing I loved about this book was Natasha and Daniel’s personalities. They are opposites in practically every way. Even though they have differences they still are able to find things to talk about. The two counter each other’s views and end up making the other person think about their opinions. Natasha and Daniel bring out the real, unfiltered personality of one another. My favorite scene that depicts this is when Yoon writes the same scene from both Daniel and Natasha’s perspectives. It shows how people can see and interpret things differently and why everyone has a different outlook on life.

Yoon’s writing is extremely beautiful and unique. This book is like nothing I have read before– it is complex, raw and emotional. If any other author had tried to write this story, it would not have been executed with the same impact. Yoon has created a piece of art that is going to be read and appreciated for many years to come.