Bohemian Rhapsody review

by Rhiannon Belanger, Junior Editor

Rating: 8/10

Director: Bryan Singer

Rated: PG-13

Cast: Rami Malek, Ben Hardy, Mike Myers, Joseph Mazzello, Gwilym Lee, and Lucy Boynton.


Bohemian Rhapsody was a great movie that really gave the audience a look behind the curtain at Freddie Mercury’s personal life. If you don’t know, Freddie Mercury was a British singer and songwriter and was the lead singer of the band “Queen.” The movie showed key events in Freddie’s life that shaped him into the legend he was before he passed away in 1991 due to HIV/AIDS.

In the movie as well as in real life, Mercury had a flamboyant persona on stage and struggled for many years dealing with his conflictive homosexuality and conservative parents.
Mercury’s real name is Farrokh Bulsara and was born in 1946 in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Even as a child Mercury knew that he didn’t want
a conventional life and began taking piano lessons at the boarding school he attended as a kid in Tanzania.

I liked the movie so much because it appealed to those who love their songs and were able to sing along. I thought the movie was well made and I loved the themes of standing out from the crowd and staying true to yourself.

The movie showed how much the band thrived when they first started out, due to Freddie’s crazy ideas and the trust the rest of the band had in his crazy ideas. They remained together so long because of their compatibility.

One thing I didn’t love about the movie was the structure. The climax lasted only a few minutes and then went back to everything being great. Freddie Mercury went through a lot of affliction and I felt like they didn’t take the time to explain it in the movie.

Overall, I loved the movie and encourage everyone to watch it. It was a fun movie that gave a very respectful tribute to the legend Freddie Mercury.