A Tribute to George H.W. Bush


by Eli Duncan, Editor in Chief

George Herbert Walker Bush died on November 30, 2018 at 94 years old. He served our nation his entire adult life from Navy pilot to the director of the Central Intelligence Agency to two vice presidential terms and capping it all off as a one term President of the United States.

As President of the United States from 1989 to 1993, Bush ushered in an era of freedom and democracy. He watched as Western ideology prevailed as the Soviet Union fell alongside the Berlin Wall. He signed two treaties that helped curb the threat of a global nuclear war, making the world safer for further generations of Americans and all people on this planet.

Bush 41’s quick handling of international affairs was a staple of his presidency. He enjoyed high approval ratings after forming an effective coalition of nations to defeat Saddam Hussein and his forces of evil. He worked with Israel and Palestine to empower peace between the feuding nations and worked throughout his term in office to promote peace and prosperity.

On the domestic front, he worked to pass the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Clean Air Act – two important laws regarding civil rights and environmental protection respectively.

He was a bastion of hope in a world where everything is uncertain. He promoted peace, prosperity, and freedom across America and the world. He will be laid to rest next to his wife, Barabara, and their daughter, Robin, on the grounds of the George H. W. Bush Memorial Library and Museum in College Station, Texas.

Farewell, Mr. President. We thank you for everything that you and your family has done for this country. You will be dearly missed.